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Bladder with thyroid
1 2 3
inneedofhelp18 47,820 32
by Mguerrero212
Radical cystectomy for IC
1 2
Ian2402 1,383 22
by Ian2402
Diagnosed with IC please help!!! Jodieinalotofpain 274 1
by Moderator_Jen
Magnesium mep 257 2
by mep
feeling desperate freespirit 449 7
by Sweets5
Elmiron and Joint Hypermobility Syndrome mrsT 218 1
by Lulu
Debris in urine? Lilly1970 324 1
by mrsT
Still not sure if this is IC? sk 347 5
by Sophia
Cervical erosion cause flare LisaLiverpool 976 5
by LisaLiverpool
Nortriptiline vs amitriptyline Lara75 261 5
by coboffice
Struggling to cope whilst I await urology appointment.
1 2 3
bexter4036 1,893 33
by Lozpot
How long before pregabalin worked for you? LisaLiverpool 332 3
by LisaLiverpool
Bad Flare scarlettohara78 282 1
by Icy
Skin irritations & allergic reactions due to IC anyone?? bex28 240 3
by JillB
Nortriptiline vs amitriptyline Lara75 244 2
by Icy
PUBLICITY - CAN YOU HELP!! coboffice 211 2
by coboffice
Please please help suffering IC, kidney stone and gall bladder not fully functioning Khursheda 193 1
by ModeratorKate
Not sure where to turn next... sk 668 10
by Sophia
Results back and a bad GP appt....
1 2
Sophia 580 19
by Sophia
Kidney pain IC and no answers from GP Lozpot 337 7
by Khursheda
HAve any of you been treated for Thyroid issues related to the bladder? mep 218 2
by sueworld2003
Amitriptyline Lozpot 290 3
by Lulu
Success stories ?? Lozpot 562 14
by Icy
1 2
Mazzie 8,036 28
by coboffice
1 2 3 4 5
Endoftether 3,499 60
by Endoftether
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