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Results back - not happy Sophia 475 11
by Icy
Has anyone heard of Follicular cystitis MKlady 409 4
by iwillsurvive
Alternative chinese herbs and german homeopathic medicine for the bladder and entire body. mep 363 6
by Icy
Culture MollyB 221 1
by Sophia
Tomatoes Lollyb1105 255 2
by coboffice
Could a moderator contact me about giving money from something I do to the ic organisation Lollyb1105 198 2
by ModeratorKate
How to find a Dr. educated in this? in Israel nnav 234 1
by ModeratorKate
What should I do?
1 2
lynnhopes 1,391 22
by Moderatorsusan
Filtered water - not actually healthy?! LooniesMum 2,574 5
by LooniesMum
URGENT need advice on Elmiron and urologist in s/w freespirit 754 3
by Spudsnruf
Been better for a long period & now sudden flare, but hosp culture neg butterfly24 432 3
by Manda81283
Fulguration JessieH 358 4
by JaneW
Urethral burning PepperP 345 3
by PepperP
IC & Autoimmune disease JillB 730 12
by Fernb
Denervation - post procedure pain totpotpink 200 0
by totpotpink
Pyelonephritis Vinnie 223 1
by ModeratorKate
Could this be IC or have I got bacteria trapped in my bladder? seahorse 399 6
by Icy
frustrated ic patient sparkle92 335 5
by acsrdmc
Possible IC plus diagnosed follicular cystitis. A lot of pain with no improvement MKlady 326 2
by MKlady
Very confused, advice and opinions needed Lara75 497 9
by butterfly24
e-Petition to recognise PAIN coboffice 199 1
by DawnCOB
How long do flares last? Lozpot 375 1
by DawnCOB
Re Urodynamics....v.dissapointed! Need a rant about medical staff attitude to IC patients! Everhope 642 7
by MollyB
DLA appeal in court tomorrow
1 2
Moderator_Jen 770 19
by Kiwi_Fairy
Yeast in the bladder from long term antibiotic use MKlady 433 7
by MollyB
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