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Struggling to get an appointment with Dr A JanetL 147 2
by JanetL
Sex! Kateee2610 166 2
by Katiels89
How long is treatment? Kateee2610 144 1
by Moderatorsusan
So I have biofilm not IC! - what's the treatment plan Kateee2610 237 1
by Moderatorsusan
Facebook group DR A Kateee2610 97 0
by Kateee2610
In treatment with Dr A Kateee2610 149 7
by Kateee2610
Feeling hopeful Kateee2610 130 1
by Moderatorsusan
Food and IC questions Kateee2610 192 3
by doloroso
So is IC a disability? Kateee2610 197 1
by Moderator_Jen
Scared of septicemia Kateee2610 153 1
by Smiles623
Article written by Prof ML in Spectator Health Moderatorsusan 185 1
by ModeratorKate
Quitting Job / taking time away to look after my health Kateee2610 179 7
by Kateee2610
They did the wrong tests!!!!!!! Kateee2610 162 2
by Kateee2610
Can't get a GP appointment Kateee2610 112 4
by Kateee2610
Oily film on urine this morning? Something to be worried about? Kateee2610 210 2
by Kateee2610
New research study - calling all Prof patients Moderatorsusan 524 0
by Moderatorsusan
Hunners lesions and biofilm ladyjen 108 1
by Moderatorsusan
Biofilm infection couple of questions Catherine22 498 7
by JillB
Dr A prescriptions
1 2
Lou233 470 16
by Kimberly
Question about antibiotic resistance UK2004 405 6
by davidwilbertusa
Mirabegron and blood pressure Angharad123 91 1
by ModeratorKate
Biofilm Infection Success Stories coboffice 1,132 10
by Felice
Allergic reaction. Cephalaxin and Alcohol. twomblyhero 136 4
by redpoppy
Fellow sufferers! Advice needed! twomblyhero 137 2
by coboffice
Mycoplasma sharonS 469 7
by Moderatorsusan
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