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All UTI's symptoms but no bacteria found Sel 17,137 8
by Larz
Antibiotics.. joannerose 795 2
by joannerose
Discomfort after Antibiotics emmylou 675 1
by DawnCOB
Wild Oil of Oregano - Anyone Else Tried This? Firefly 1,304 2
by Firefly
After effects of antibiotics? Rachaelclaire 715 2
by Rachaelclaire
Any success without antibiotics?? KL 997 4
by KL
Using D-Mannose when pregnant lizzyb 29,949 13
by Lavinia
Antibiotic after sex? Katy 813 2
by Labydird
hi everyone - my cystitis story
1 2
lizzymouse 2,707 19
by Labydird
Post Residual Volume ? LauraC87 970 3
by DawnCOB
UTIrose (hibiscus) sharonS 403 0
by sharonS
Worst recurring infection so far Windwhisperer 9,045 3
by phills
Proposed Meeting for Bristol Members coboffice 317 0
by coboffice
Low-dosage antibiotics Rosie46 832 6
by Lucinda
Cystitis ruining my chances of TTC JAde2012 857 3
by JAde2012
infection now for about a month-different symtoms, not sure what to do next! lizzymouse 788 2
by lizzymouse
Flushing out bladder under anaesthetic for buried bacteria sharonS 548 0
by sharonS
D mannose - tips sharonS 648 1
by ali100
Significant blood in urine - why? Standby antibiotics? Rosie46 966 5
by Rosie46
My story and Does anyone know of any changes to diet that has reduced their bacterial cystitis attacks? LauraC87 784 2
by LauraC87
My 12 yr recurrent cystitis tabitha 1,475 6
by tabitha
Break through prevention method and acquired immunity! littleeggy 1,701 6
by tabitha
Honeymoon cystitis everytime! But Doc can't find an infection! ellietheelephant 1,128 5
by tabitha
Prevention Jones9111 939 5
by KL
New member, 2 months/5 courses of antibiotics
1 2
ElsieC 3,533 25
by Rachh6
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