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by DawnCOB
**FREE: Specialist ; Advice** ModeratorKate 320 0
by ModeratorKate
Has anyone taken Cysticlean whilst trying for a baby? Katie1 456 1
by ModeratorKate
More tests, leaking and toviaz.. chrisinscotland 454 2
by chrisinscotland
Has anyone got pregnant whilst taking cranberry extract? Katie1 482 2
by Katie1
The COB Shop is Now Open!! coboffice 409 0
by coboffice
Broth culture
1 2
alli 6,981 29
by Eva
First time cystitis input needed Dramageek88 532 7
by LauraC87
***Another Chance*** ModeratorKate 360 0
by ModeratorKate
Has any one been taken seriously? LizT 2,223 9
by ellietheelephant
Meeting for COB Members in London and the Surrounding Areas coboffice 377 1
by DawnCOB
*** SPECIAL NURSE ADVICE LINE *** coboffice 454 4
by coboffice
hello (nitrofurantoin and hypothyroid) ouchie 525 8
by ouchie
Recurrent UTIs - doctors always think it is something else starlightraven 2,727 13
by salma5k
Antibiotic instillations
1 2
Sel 1,300 15
by speedy12
Anyone else had the Urethral Dilatation procedure? ellietheelephant 1,325 8
by LauraC87
September is IC Awareness Month coboffice 332 0
by coboffice
Help, please!!
1 2
CB85 1,136 17
by CB85
Cytoscopy...good idea? sharonS 598 5
by DawnCOB
by coboffice
CURED at last!!! - and it was easy! JoS 33,569 14
by Lanson
Candida found in urine sample...anyone else? sharonS 806 4
by sweettart22
cystitis and the pill staceypacey 775 2
by PinkMonkey
Furadantin joannerose 795 4
by joannerose
Biofilms and chronic infection JillB 805 0
by JillB
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