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Systemic candida and IC Icy 1,225 2
by stacy
urgent advice please Helenp479 635 2
by Helenp479
Candida allergy antigen testing Icy 881 6
by ModeratorKate
Fowlers Syndrome SNS decision Bella 2,396 8
by Moderator_Jen
Mercury Amalgam Fillings and IC Icy 1,452 2
by Ashdown
Pro-lapse bladder Ashdown 794 2
by Icy
Discussion about living with bladder problems
1 2 3 4 5
Rachael 6,785 60
by Rachael
Happy New Year DawnCOB 529 0
by DawnCOB
Systemic Candida Davidsmum 10,916 11
by joanbarnes
by DawnCOB
by Icy
RARE diseases IC Icy 785 4
by coboffice
fundraising Elena 494 1
by DawnCOB
What is this? Interstitial cystitis? Endometriosis? VintageEel 2,057 8
by Helenp479
Womens' Bladder & Pelvic Pain Group Meeting coboffice 464 0
by coboffice
Coccydynia James 804 3
by ippadi
App for android phone jpmargel 707 2
by coboffice
Any possible improvement following menopause? Sel 913 3
by GailK
Trigone inflammation claire8363 3,202 12
by claire8363
Work! toffee 729 1
by Claire
No longer a Candida Society pburneside 710 1
by DawnCOB
Opiates and hormone levels and immune defence Moderator_Jen 939 3
by Moderator_Jen
New symptom. Any idea what it might be? Sel 713 3
by ModeratorKate
How to tell what's going on? Griffin 752 2
by Griffin
Sucess Story! Please Read! Nic 912 1
by ModeratorKate
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