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Funny stuff to make us laugh! Lindilou 54 0
by Lindilou
Any advice welcome! Lemmy 78 2
by Moderator_Jen
Hi, I'm new. Lindilou 404 10
by Moderator_Jen
Uti Hugs 105 5
by ModeratorKate
Study On Male Incontinence Products coboffice 40 1
by coboffice
Hormones and IC - which specialist? Toom 153 4
by Alexpearls
IMPORTANT meeting in North London to Scrutinise Whittington LUTS decision JillB 106 0
by JillB
Uterine Fibroids murna 89 3
by ModeratorKate
Bacterial cystitis heathwhit 150 2
by Nia
VERY unusual urine odour during UTI bout grassygal 136 2
by emmasheppard
COB latest on BIOFILM Clinics ModeratorKate 332 3
by ModeratorKate
IC or Overactive Bladder?
1 2
LornaLee 253 19
by Whyme
New member intro - bacterial infection JaneG 158 10
by JaneG
What are the chances of this working given my history below! camellot238 83 4
by camellot238
New Member Intro and Advice Needed mysticcuddles 84 2
by mysticcuddles
Shopping at COB ModeratorKate 34 0
by ModeratorKate
OCTOBER:NURSE ModeratorKate 32 0
by ModeratorKate
Reliable Information on absorbency of products
1 2
camellot238 200 15
by camellot238
OCTOBER Nurse Advice Line ModeratorKate 29 0
by ModeratorKate
Conference next week on Sugar and the Mircrobiome in London - FYI Ashdown 85 0
by Ashdown
Diagnosis of urinary tract infections Davidsmum 164 2
by julieshrive
On the COB Website ModeratorKate 71 0
by ModeratorKate
You can't win ! Lindilou 164 3
by Lindilou
IC Awareness Month ModeratorKate 50 0
by ModeratorKate
NURSE ADVICE LINE...SEPT ModeratorKate 89 0
by ModeratorKate
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