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Subject Author Category Views Replies   Last Post
Bladder re-training Rex Over Active Bladder Syndrome Archive 3,353 3
by Claire
Ointment might help? Lilly Cystitis Archive 3,134 11
by Millie
Can there be both BC and IC? Emmajean Cystitis Archive 1,210 1
by DawnCOB
sleep deprivation ssstutters Over Active Bladder Syndrome Archive 2,844 7
by CrippledBaby
Commodes CrippledBaby Cystitis Archive 1,408 5
by CrippledBaby
kidney and bacterial IC? debzx Cystitis Archive 1,544 2
by JaneW
Fried foods Diet and Nutrition Archive 3,274 11
by alison2
for Louisa - Crippled baby glynis Cystitis Archive 1,300 0
by glynis
Really concerned
1 2
Millie Cystitis Archive 3,562 26
by CeeJay
For Louisa Rex Over Active Bladder Syndrome Archive 1,383 0
by Rex
question about antibiotics Millie Cystitis Archive 5,919 8
by Millie
PORK Diet and Nutrition Archive 1,713 2
by Gemma
Laugh or I'd cry Millie Cystitis Archive 1,549 5
by Millie
endometriosis link? Millie Cystitis Archive 1,518 2
by Lilly
Recuring infecs/Trigone links?? debzx Cystitis Archive 1,664 2
by Lilly
Message for Lilly Catherine Cystitis Archive 1,785 7
by Strimmy
Coffee Lilly Diet and Nutrition Archive 2,911 10
by Lilly
Getting better! Lilly Cystitis Archive 1,718 4
by Lilly
Canned tuna Jenni Diet and Nutrition Archive 2,393 5
by Sorrell
A little guidance needed Moderatorsusan Cystitis Archive 1,783 4
by Lilly
question Millie Cystitis Archive 1,407 3
by Millie
potatoes brodo Diet and Nutrition Archive 1,560 2
by glynis
Diet and Nutrition Diet and Nutrition Archive 1,627 4
by DawnCOB
Vacination for cystitis Erica Cystitis Archive 1,751 7
by Millie

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