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Hi my son is 10 years old has been completely continent since potty training at 2-3 years old.  On the 1st of november '15 he suddenly couldn't stop the urine dribbling out. Since then he's been completely urinary incontinent.  We had MRI scans, diabetes tests, all normal.  Just before Christmas we had a cystoscopy and urodynamic study done these are the results..

Catheters- 2 suprapubic lines (mildly trabulated bladder) 
fill rate 10-20mls 
maximum cystometric capacity 140ml 

pressure trace 

leak point- 110ml of filing 

detruser pre micturation pressure- there was no sensation to void. however the pre-micturation pressure was under 10cm H20 

compliance -poor after 110ml filling 

detruser activity-  Unihibited, very strong detruser contractions resulting in complete bladder emptying after 110ml of filling. pressure over 120cm h20 


upper tracts - No reflux 

bladder- slightly flattened outline which subsequently opened up with strong detruser contraction. 

bladder neck- opened at 110ml filling 

ureathra- normal 

No medications have worked, my son has just had some botox injections into his bladder last Thursday too early to see any difference yet but we have are fingers crossed!. Has anyone any ideas or has come across this before?  The sudden onset of symptoms and the severity of contractions has baffled the consultants.  Emotionally for him and us the last few months have been a nightmare.  Just desperate for any advice/ support.  .Thank you in advance.

ps the only thing that I believed was connected but the consultants believe wasn't is he had been on a new medication esomeprezole (nexium) which he had been taking for two weeks before the onset of incontinence he had been experiencing immense thirst and drinking huge amounts. The drs feel this is unconnected but I'm not sure....  


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Hello Kat
Welcome to the Forum am so sorry to read of your sons symptoms.

It is always sad to read of our younger generation suffering with urinary / bladder problems, as unfortunately there are so many if's and but's, it makes diagnosing so difficult.

I do hope you will find some information to assist in reading through some of the posts on here, and maybe one of our Members including 'Davidsmum' who have first hand experience will be able to advise.

In the meantime may I suggest that you contact the COB Office for advice , as they are so helpful and have a young person's adviser, and know that you will receive excellent help.

Do keep posting your journey as this will really benefit other youngsters/guardians.

I do hope that the latest medication will be starting to assist, and am sure with your kind concern, you re contact your Doctor or Nurse for some further intervention.

Kind regards


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Has he been tested for diabetes? Having an abnormal thirst is a symptom of diabetes and perhaps it might be worth your son having a blood test to check.
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Thank you very much for your replies.  I am already taking comfort in knowing we are not alone! It has been such a roller coaster since this all began.  He has been checked for diabetes and diabetes insipidus and both were negative.  I'll contact the office today.
Thank you again 


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Hello Katmum

I am sorry to hear about your young son and know only too well the anguish that one goes through when your child has bladder problems and often other related conditions. I actually do not really know what all the results mean that you posted as I have no experience of these particular tests. There could be many reasons for your son's bladder problems and may not necessarily be Overactive Bladder and could be a form of interstitial cystitis or basically bladder inflammation.

If you want to contact me personally through the forum please do so. You can also look at some of the posts I have put on the forum in the past which will explain some of my son's history of bladder problems. I have been a member of the forum for many years and still post occasionally.  Think on a whole variety of things that could be contributing to his problems i.e. has he had bowel problems in the past, allergies, any other immune system type of concerns.  So much is linked with bladder problems and one has to look at the body as a whole.  There could be allergies in there which are irritating his bladder, candida, nasty bacteria - a whole host of things.  Do not despair, things can get better but it is as well to ever avoid things like antibiotics and invasive procedures that may just worsen things and are very stressful for a young person.

Please contact is you so wish. You do this by clicking on the name at the side and sending a private message. The office would direct you how to do this.
Best wishes,   Davidsmum

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I am really sorry to hear about your son. Living with bladder problems is indeed very tough. I too have OAB. I can feel the mental pain you and your child might be going through. Keep trying various remedies. Dont forget Ayurveda. It might help. 
May the little one get well soon. 

With lots of prayers

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