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well, every few years i go see someone about my bladder....i don't get pain or urgency but i'm up all night, just like in the day. i can go up to 8-10 times at it's worst. i've recently been to a consultant urologist who said everything seems normal -- and then prescribed drugs! no thanks!

however, a few months ago i tried the 5:2 (fasting) diet and it was the first time in years that i was only up once a night for a few days in a row. i couldn't sustain it cause i'm breastfeeding -- but i'm thinking i may start again later. some of the research i'm reading suggests that reduced calories may benefit tetchy bladders.

anyone else had any success with this? i keep searching for a more holistic natural approach...


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It sounds like making adjustments to your diet may be helping you. Look at any possible triggers for your bladder as certain foods and drink can increase frequency. Do you drink tea and coffee - both stimulate and irritate the bladder and can cause frequency because of the caffeine content. It's the same with sodas and alcohol is very acidic.

If you call the COB office, there is a diet sheet they can send you. Perhaps by excluding certain food and drink, your bladder may calm as certain foods are triggers to upset the bladder.

It could also be that your bowel might be pressing on your bladder and the fasting element of the 5:2 diet takes the pressure off.


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thanks! i'm thinking of trying an elimination diet so that will incorporate the food lists you mentioned...i've gone from being a real coffee lover to cutting it out completely and it has helped but was sadly not the magic bullet! however, i'm thinking it might take a while for the bladder to's been about 2 months now (okay, okay, i was on the decaf a bit but i've since cut that out too...)[bawl]

i agree re:the bowel as well --

thanks for your comments
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