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Registered: Dec 10, 2003
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Hi everyone

I dont know if you can shed any light on these bizarre symptoms but here goes.....

I ended up going to the doctor on Friday as every morning I have woken up with my arms really aching and hurting and my hands including my fingers.  The pain is really bad.  I cannot describe it really well as I can type, drive etc but there is just a horrible aching feeling going from each shoulder right down into the fingers.  I am also much more tired than normal......

The doctor has arranged some blood tests for me. (early menopause, liver function test and test to show any inflammation in the blood).  She said it could just be a horrible virus and hopefully I should feel better soon.  The symptoms last all day but are much worse in the morning.

I was in tears on Saturday because the pain is THAT bad which sounds really strange.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  Hot water (showers or baths) are a great relief.

Chrissy xx


Registered: July 15, 2007
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Could be a flu type virus.
On the other hand as it is worse in the mornings maybe your piilow is not supporting your neck very well and you need a new pillow. Its surprising what a difference the right or wrong pillow can make.


Registered: Jan 22, 2004
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My advice is that perhaps you have carpal tunnel syndrome?  Carpal tunnel syndrome is a type of peripheral neuropathy (nerve damage).   I had very similar painful symptoms with numbness, pins and needles at night.  Also, I noticed that the tops of my hands and tops of my feet showed a swelling or edema.  I would notice edema when I awoke in the night. 

The cause of carpal tunnel syndrome is often missed by many good Doctors.  I learned after suffering for decades, that I had a low thyroid disease (hypothyroidism).  Hypothyroidism is often the cause of carpal tunnel syndrome.  When diagnosed and treated this type of neuropathy will get better by taking thyroid hormone daily.  Fatigue is a huge symptom of hypothyroidism.

You discribe symptoms like I had, and with thyroid hormone treatment my symptoms went away.  If you have a systemically caused neuropathy that is the cause of your suffering, it is very important to find the cause, as treatment for the basic cause can return you to better health and relief of your symptoms.

I learned that hypothyroidism was slowly causing this nerve damage throughout my body, damaging many of my sensory, autonomic and motor nerves.  This caused me to have so many strange and frightening symptoms, and none of the good Doctors I saw in the US or UK knew what the cause was.  It was just chance or a miracle that I myself figured out that thyroid was the basic cause of my painful symptoms and once on a good natural dessicated thyroid, I began to get well.  I had almost lost all hope. 

My IC Doctors asked me to share my story with others "so we can change medicine"!

My Doctors diagnose me with sensory polyneuropathy due to hypothyroidism.  Urologists are warned that they must not miss another disease that can cause symptoms that mimic IC.

Hope this might help you and add some light for you and your Doctors!
Please help us 

Lynne xx

Registered: Dec 10, 2003
Posts: 1,474
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Yes, I have been told they are changing my thyroids so you never know......

Arms still hurting today.

Thanks for all your advice.

Chrissy xx


Registered: Dec 10, 2003
Posts: 1,474
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Also I thought I would point out that I was diagnosed with IC and I do truly believe that I have IC.  The doctors did a cystocopy to confirm this.  Surely if this was a low thyroid problem I would not suddenly start getting muscle problems now, I would have had them 5 years ago when I was diagnosed with IC?

Chrissyx x


Registered: Jan 1, 2005
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Do you have aches elsewhere? It could be fibromyalgia, which also causes fatigue.

Registered: Dec 10, 2003
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Hiya Eccles

No, I have no pain anywhere else.  Just severe in my arms, shoulders and hands.  I can actually feel pain in most of my fingers.   Also, I have been suffering with headaches which I dont normally get....  To be honest, I am getting a little bit nervous and I hope it is not neurological especially with getting really bad headaches with it.

Blood test results are back so I am going to see the doctor this afternoon.  I dont really need this on top of kidney stones and IC.  I have two kidney stones in left kidney.  So my illnesses at the mo are IBS, IC and Kidney stone disease.  Why dont I add another one?  IM FED UP

Love Chrissy xx


Registered: Nov 13, 2007
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Could be something more simple like a trapped nerve, and the headaches are a result of you tensing up because of the pain in your arms.  This is why when you relax ie in the bath, things ease. Maybe. ?!


Registered: Dec 10, 2003
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Hi all

Went to the doctor and I have a low blood count which shows anaemia.  And she thinks my arms and hands hurt due to back pain and stress.  i did point out that I thought it wasnt stress and she pointed out back that I have seen a pyschiatrist which to be honest, I thought was VERY unnecessary. I saw a pyschiatrist a few years ago because I couldnt get something off my mind, it was not due to a illness that I imagined!

 Anyway, she is not my normal doctor but none the less I do KNOW when my arms and hands are hurting and she was really quite nasty to me so I will see how I go and if things dont improve, I will see my normal doctor.

Chrissy xx


Registered: June 22, 2008
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Sorry can't help you, just wanted to say it is a shame when you can't get to see the same doctor. Sometimes if you have lots of complicated problems then continuity of care is probably best. Hope your problem eases soon.


Registered: Aug 9, 2010
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It appears that you have the same symptoms as me. I had a blood test and the doctor found that I have a very high ANA in my blood. I was diagnosed with SLE and have been prescribed medication.


Registered: Feb 19, 2010
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hi chrissy i have ic ibs i have cronic pain in my feet from tendinitus . i also suffer with pain in my arms hands and back i have very bad migranes and headace,s i pome times feel worse tepending what i eat the following day .i am 3 years in to my menapose im 49 but ad to have estorectomey cant spell ither ha ha . i wake up evrey day with migrane due to i think lac of sleep . i have nuro cord inter stim in plant i have ad it in 7 year but just had it re located and now thats giving me lot of pain so they mite put it in my tummy im so fed up at minite pain in feet blader bac and now arms hands headace,s  . i thinkits all liked to ic my self but not sure .iv ad one masarge wed so im going for another cos i do think stress is involved of corse . but i do fell for you .and when you go doc and its not your usual doc they just dont no how to treat you i get same response if i go to a difrent doc they say ho i dont no out about your ic etc . its not all in your mind dont let them tell you it is im going to go bac on my ic diet to c if it helps with pain in my arms and hands etc .hope you get sorted
kind regards
barbara x

Registered: April 8, 2013
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Would with you share with the other readers what is IC ?

Registered: Dec 2, 2003
Posts: 4,496
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HI Hal,

IC  is Interstitial Cystitis , you can read more about this here

or in USA

Interstitial Cystitis Association (ICA)
100 Park Avenue, Suite 108A
Rockville, MD 20850 USA
Tele: 800-HELP ICA (800-435-7422)
Fax: 301-610-5308

Interstitial Cystitis Network ICN (National)
*Publishing Company dedicated to patient education and support
4983 Sonoma Highway, Suite L
Santa Rose, CA 95409, USA
Tele: 1-707-538.9442
Fax: 1-707-538.9444

best wishes


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