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Hello all,


I've been drinking a lot of bicarbonate of soda mixed in water lately to help with the pain of my most recent infection (the result of another failed attempt to come off of preventative antibiotics).


I THINK my infection has gone, although I am still getting pain generally.  Last time I had an infection it took about 6 months for the residual pain to go away completely, so I think it will pretty much go the same way this time.


However, I'm getting a bit worried about the amount of bicarb I'm using (around 1/2 tsp in a glass of water every hour).  I've been taking this dose for about 3 days now as it really does help with the pain.


Does anyone know if there is a limit to the amount of bicarb you should take?  I'm not very keen on stopping as it is so effective for me.





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HIya Maisy,

I don't think htere is much research done on limits for bicarb- My guess is that the main contrindication is if it starts to alter your blood pressure so if you are concerned you could get that checked.


You could try posting in the IC forum as IC'ers are regular users of bicarb in regular amounts.- On a bad day I can end up taking it several times a day and it doesn't seem to affect me for the worse.- I doubt it could affect you badly as its found in many foodstuffs anyway what you would ingest during the course of the day like bread.


If you have a drum of dipsticks at home suggest you do a couple to see if anything comes up as positive- it may give you a better idea if there is still residual inflamation/ infection.


Hope this helps,

take care,

hope you are feeling better soon,




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Thanks for your response!


With regard to dipsticks - they are not something I have found in the UK.  Has anyone any idea where they can be purchased or obtained from.


I've seen them available in the US - has anyone got any good links to obtain them in the UK or have them exported from the US?





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hello Maisie


For what its worth one of my homeopathy books states-

take it easy on the bicarb no more than 1 teaspoon per hour for upto three hours ( little less than half a teaspoon every 20 mins for upto three hours) and like olga mentionrd there appears to be a No NOif you have any heart condition

an alternative suggested was plain barley water-

 the object being to flush the system out of acidity not as a long term use.

Regards Drizzle



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Dipsticks can be obtianed from Health sentinel - i think the website is

if not, try com.



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