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I saw a new consultant last week & I've got to keep a 3 day diary of what I drink & what comes out of my bladder.  As I'm at home all day today, I've made a start...
The average amount I'm passing is 200ml, which doesn't seem a lot.
Just wondering what others have found & what the implications might be.
Any advice appreciated.


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"Normal" is considered 300-400mls.

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When my ic is bad I can have a capacity of less than 50mls and go every 20mins or so, but other times I can hold 300 to 500mls for many hours. There isnt realyy a normal.  When I originally went to docs was having a good day and he thought everything was just normal.  It can change during the course of one day.

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this is what really annoyed me about urodynamics. I went when I was symptom free and my bladder capacity was fine - on a bad day I would be bursting to go as soon as they started. It is absolutely sods law everytime I go to the Uro I am feeling bad and by the time the several months have passed between then and the tests I am usually tested on a symptom free day - same happened with my cystoscopy and I have a pelvic ultrasound to look at my uretha this week and again now it feels fine - whereas a couple of weeks ago it was a nightmare! It's a shame you can't be tested when you actually have the sympoms.


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Usually I pass about 300 - 400 mls when my bladder feels okay but when it's got an infection or it's sensitive I am desperate to go after about 40 mls. 
I suffer with bad retention though so just because I pass 400 mls there is still usually another 500-600 left in there.
After urodynamics I had 1600mls in there when I got home.

jaynee xx


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Some interesting answers here, and I guess my 'results' would be different on another day.
I can do my 3 day diary anytime between now & when I have to go for urodynamics... not got a date yet... I'll see how things are on a few more days before I actually fill in the forms I've been given, just to make sure I illustrate the problem.
Thankyou everyone for your replies.


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Just a suggestion sue, do your frequency volumes chart on random days. You don't need to do them on three consecutive days, well this is what I have always done.

Peoples bladder capacity varies. In the nursing times it suggests a normal bladder capacity is between 300mls to 600 mls. Mind this was some years ago that i read this, it may well have changed.

My capacity varies from 30mls to 500 mls through out the day. I have never had a positive urodynamics. You shouldn't worry if the test doesn't show anything, it doesn't mean you don't have a problem, it just means the hospital couldn't replicate your symptoms at that precise moment in time.

Contradictory to what i have said above, you may have to be more persistent in getting help for your symptoms with out positive urodynamics. I have trailed through many posts on this web site and have come to the conclusion that without positive urodynamics you may have a harder time getting the help you need.
Good luck May 

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Thankyou May,
Although I'm only passing small(ish) amounts right now, I actually feel quite well.  I will keep records whenever I'm at home all day & than decide on the most appropriate to fill in on my chart.
I feel I've already waited a long time to get things sorted as I always seem to get better when I have a hospital appointment arranged, amazing how easy it is to forget the bad days after a few good ones, but I'm determined to push for a long term solution this time.


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i started double voiding recently, i was threatend with self catheterisation coz i hold appx 300mls after i have been to the loo and normally we pee 300-400ml as standard. the pooling of the pee in there makes great homes for bugs.

double sometimes tripple voiding, i sit there patiently its quite a new thing for me i have a history of running in and out of the bathroom and it seems to be part of the problem and part of the solution.

thanx for all your tips i learned a lot today

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May, what sort of help is offered if you get positive urodynamics? And what IS positive urodynamics, what does a positive result indicate? I am quite new to this. I was on detrusitol xl for a while, am now on vesicare, and was told if this doesn't work I can have urodynamics but I'm not really sure what the benefits of that would be... so far I've been treated as a bit of a mystery as to why my bladder has become this way.  I guess we all are since there's no known cause... frustrating!!!

Laura xx

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Hi laura, A positive urodynamics will show an overactive or sensitive bladder this means you will show detrusor over activity. Negative means all looks normal with no over activity. Hope that makes sense

The only difference with a positive urodynamics is if all medications fail to help then as a last resort you may be offered botox. 

My urologist won't offer people botox without a negative urodynamics.

Nice guidelines admits that there is no reliable research into the effectiveness of these test. Many patients have been helped by anticolinergics even when  they have had negative urodynamics. This does put a big question mark over these invasive tests.

Nice no longer recommend these tests although many urologist still want to  do them!

This is only my understanding and experience.

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That's interesting - I always wondered what all those urodynamics were all about and hadn't looked into it as no one has yet threatened me with any! I have no idea how much my volume is, but as many have said on here, it depends on how the situation is on any particular day. Some days it's very little, others probably what would be classed as "normal". At bad times I swear that there is a tube leading directly from my mouth to my bladder and whatever goes in one end comes out almost immediately the other! And, if I'm very lucky, with little pain or pressure! I know this might sound odd and as if I've totally lost the plot, but do any of you feel different when you pee when you're ok to how you pee when you're in a flare or having bad days? It feels more positive to me when I'm fine (seems like light years away at the moment!) but when I'm bad it seems to feel spongy down there and more vague. I'm not talking pain or burning now, just the sensation when you pee. Am I making any sense? If not, ignore me!!!! M.


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You make sense to me.  I go to the loo about 10 times a day (including night visit) but of course and drinking lots of water.  I hate going because the pain afterwards goes up my urethra and spreads into my bladder, and is quite intense (am on pain killers at the moment but although they help you cope with the pain, you still feel it going on).  I was also told to sit forward on the loo as I feel very sore as if the urine is burning me outside.  I understand what you mean also about the minute you drink it seems to go straight into the bladder.  I know 10 times is not much compared to others, just wish it was not so painful.


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Apologies to all for a slight deviation from the original subject of the conversation!

Hello to Lancaster

You said: "I was also told to sit forward on the loo as I feel very sore as if the urine is burning me outside."

Have you tried using a shower spray to dilute the flow of urine so that it doesn't burn? Or a bottle of water emptied over the offending area whilst peeing when a shower spray isn't available? Before I started using one, I had great problems even when I was sitting forward on the loo, as the urine would come out but then drip off right where the right bartholin gland was - at the site of where it was most sore. I am not sore now (but only because I use a shower spray at work and home, and bottles of water elsewhere) but I certainly remember the times I was sore - when I had to walk slowly like a duck so the sides didn't rub together! After the soreness would come the urgency, frequency and then the bladder ache. I can get away with one undiluted pee every other day - too often and I will get sore again. Long live the shower spray!

Also watch what creams you might use on that area - I had great problems with a certain make of Hydrocortisone cream (E45), other makes were fine but the E45 one just plain burnt.

Best wishes

PS Just realised that you are off to hosp tomorrow - good luck!

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Sue i only pee 250ml everytime i pee. the hospital told me everyone is different and that some ppl can hold alot more and other not. so i wouldnt worry to much about cant fit a pint pot in a half pint glass  hun lol.
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