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Registered: Sept 17, 2008
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Hello all,
Just thought I`d ask for your experiences with candida or general fungal infections. Just to give you a brief overview of how Ive got to where I am at the moment, I have recently been referred to the pain clinic who suggested myofacial trigger point physio which I was happy with. However, as I was having vaginal pain along with my bladder pain he wanted me to see a Gynea consultant first, I just thought it was yet another hoop to jump through on the path to recovery but I guess it made sense. The Gynea didnt find anything wrong apart from the fact that my exterior glands looked inflamed. He suggested an anti fungal treatment 'just incase' there was anything going on. Anyway, much to my suprise my bladder felt ALOT better while on the anti fungal tablets so Ive now been prescribed cream to carry on with and told to cut out sugar and cut down on carbs wherever possible (which is basically the anti candida diet).  I just wondered if any of you have made this discovery before? Or have tried the anti candida diet? I know alot of posts have discussed the systemic candida/fungal issues but it would be good to get your opinions as I was shocked to discover that the anti fungal tablets made my bladder feel so much better.

Registered: May 12, 2009
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Woah - don't get me started

It was Davidsmums posts that got me going on an anti candida programme and I can't thank her enough for that.  I used to think that just because I didn't get thrush that candida couldn't be a problem for me but I couldn't have been more wrong.

I am now being treated by a Chinese Herbalist and and am following a very strict diet, taking very strong probiotics and chinese herbs.  I have come off  all western medication and most of the time my bladder feels good. 

The anti fungals that are prescribed by western doctors are only a short term answer.  Unfortunately the processes necessary to rid the body of candida overgrowth for ever are very tough and it takes a long time.  (min of 1 year for most IC patients)

I am pleased you have discovered the IC/candida link because now you have the opportunity to take action.  If you want of go down the route of ridding your body of candida overgrowth and possibly helping your IC I would recommend seeing a naturapath who is experienced in dealing with candida and IC together.  I say this because some the anti candida supplements are not IC friendly.

A word of warning though.  The die off symptoms are unpleasant and can cause a temporary increase in bladder pain.  However this is all part of the healing process.  A very good book is 'The Healing Crisis' by Bruce Fife which describes the difference between healing symptoms and symptoms of disease.


Registered: Sept 17, 2008
Posts: 186
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Thanks Carole, have you completely cut out sugar? What about carbs? I follow a strict IC diet anyway but do eat too much shortbread! Looking at the candida diet I can cope with the evening meal as meat or fish with veg is easy enough, but I`m struggling for breakfast ideas (I cant have milk either) and easy snack ideas as I have a job where I`m on the go so cant cook or anything at lunch time. Would be interested to see what you have lived on!
It does seem to make sense when I look at all the info, but Ive just got back to a healthy weight and I`m worried about turning into a stick insect again!

Registered: April 19, 2008
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Hello tigfox and Carol too,

I am convinced that it is candida overgrowth in the body that is responsible for the horrors of interstitial cystitis and cannot believe that the medical profession and urologists who we trust and go to for help are not accepting or recognising this. As Carole says if you do not have signs of thrush you can think candida is not a problem, and with men it is even harder. Yeast overgrowth and candida in men is just not recognised at all and yet it only takes a few antibiotics to start the whole thing off. Once candida gets systemic it can end up anywhere in the body from an impermeable gut system i.e. "leaky gut syndrome". I know this is what my son has but trying to get him better is a nightmare because he cannot do a strict diet completely taking everything out that is necessary. Just about everything you eat seems to feed candida.
He was given antifungals at one point by a gastro because we insisted he had a lactulose test and he showed positive. The gastro without admitting it hinted at possible fungus. However, as Carole says the antifungals are short-term that they give in Western medicine and can be extremely damaging to the liver. One such is fluconozole or the azoles. They tend to work temporarily and can only be given for a short time, but I think the yeast just comes back with avengeance after a short time. From what I have read Nystatin can be the same. It would seem that it is pointless taking any of these anyway without the strict diet.
There can be no doubt that candida and yeast overgrowth causes the inflammation in the bladder from all the toxic waste etc.
Good luck with the diet. I just wish my young son could do it completely because candida causes all sorts of horrors, not just IC but auto-immune problems of all kinds, including lupus and rheumatoid arthritis - all from leaky gut often caused by excessive antibiotics given out like smarties from the doctors when there is no bacterial infection there at all.

Sadly the latest urological text books for medical students (2010 just published) don't mention candida, immune problems for IC. They just encourage drugs which make it worse and say to give out antibiotics and don't wait for the tests to come back. I was horrified when I read that in a recent text for medical students.
Good luck.

Registered: Sept 17, 2008
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Maybe we should write a paper on it?! We have access to more ICers than them and we have probably all done more research about it than any doctor. Seriously, its a thought!

My concern is that I am still on quite alot of other meds, Elmiron, Nortriptyline, tramadol aswell as the pill, do you know if they effect the candida? would I have to ween myself off those too before I can completely rid myself of it? I`m willing to try anything, and I`m ready for the long haul!

Thanks again,

Registered: May 12, 2009
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OK, the diet I am on is very strict.

Absolutely no sugar, fractose, lactose any thing ending with 'ose' this includes no fruit or carrots at first.

Carbs are important for health but are restricted to a small portion of potato or brown rice per meal.  Meat can be eaten freely as can IC friendly veg.
I snack on rice cakes with butter but should always be eaten with some protein so I try to keep some cooked chicken in the fridge.  I also make my own spelt bread which is allowed on my diet in small quantities.

I lost weight at first but have now put it back on as I eat bigger meals than before. Also as your intestines heal you will absorb nutrients better and therefore maintain your weight easier.

For breakfast I have eggs with spelt bread. Doesn't take long to prepare.

Lunch is chicken, salad & potato.  This has to be prepared in advance for me to.  You could subsitute the potato for buttered rice cakes.

Like you say dinner is easier and is usually red meat + veg with rice or potato.  I am supposed to eat a small portion of red meat a day for its healing qualities.

I realise this diet is high in cholestorol but it has been explained to me that it is necessary for treatment and it is only for a relatively short time which should not be harmful.  My herbalist does recommend a cholestorol check if you think this is an issue.

Its hard at first but its surpising how quickly you get used to it.



Registered: Aug 16, 2004
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Can you be tested to see whetehr a person has Candida? My doctor is at a loss as to whats causing me to be so ill (apart from my IC that is) and although I'm sure it's my Hashimoto antibodies that are at the route of my symptoms, she's now suggested that it could be down to Candida.

Trouble is as I can only really eat carrots and salmon three times a day, and so following that diets going to be near impossible by the looks of it.


Registered: May 12, 2009
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You can be tested for Candida but they are normally inconclusive as candida is naturally occuring in everyone anyway.

If you look at Candida websites they list the common symptoms. 

White coating on tongue, brain fog, itchy skin, itchy anus, itchy inside of ears, sore throats, yellowing toe nails etc.

I believe IC is also a symptom. 


Registered: April 19, 2008
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Are there any other signs of systemic candida which tend not to be listed on websites. I've only ever seen the usual ones listed like, thrush,chronic fatigue, cystitis, black under the eyes, ibs, brain fog, white tongue etc. I have never seen yellowing toe nails listed. My son has this, in fact he had toe surgery since a child and lots of antibiotics as they kept messing up the surgery. He still has course yellowing big toe nails. Are there other things too? He gets weird dots under his skin like vascular bleeding, petchiae. We worked out it is low vitamin K which affects clotting. Is Low vitamin K candida related too?

I guess that if everyone listed all their symptoms, everything would come back to one place.

Registered: May 12, 2009
Posts: 118
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That's weird

I also have the red patches under the skin on my arms.  They appeared a few years ago and I put it down to ageing.

Since I have been on this programme they are fading.  In fact I have just looked at my arm and I can hardly see them anymore.

Registered: Aug 16, 2004
Posts: 1,139
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So are any of the following listed as Candida symptoms too?

Hair falling out/thickening/coarsening
Loss of all natural oil in the hair.
Constant red face
Joint pain and muscle weakness all over, but starting from the legs up the worst.
Difficulty in walking (feel like muscles are made out of stiff paper and aren't strong enough to hold me up).
Chronic fatigue
Thickening dry flaky skin
Water retention in the hands, face and feet
Severe attacks of phantom tooth pain.


Registered: May 12, 2009
Posts: 118
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As I understand it the symptoms of candida overgrowth are endless.  Joint pain is certainly a symptom and I know some people do experience hair loss. 

If you are suffering from leaky gut syndrome (and I suspect most of us are) toxins will enter your bloodsteam causing all sorts of problems.  This is just my opinion of course from research that I have done. 

Its a shame that the NHS doesn't persue this more as we obviously have to pay for treatment from Naturapaths which is difficult if your illness is so severe that you cannot work.


Registered: Jan 12, 2010
Posts: 248
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Dear All

You may find this site interesting - my nutritionalist recommended it to me.

This man is very good apparently, and has written alot about leaky gut and other topics. Based in New York.

The colon effects the bladder. That is why it is so important to sort out the the intestinal track aswell. It is well known that 70% of immunity resides from the intestinal tract - it is so important to have this functioning properly. Many people with recurring cystitis have IBS - that is why western medicine is so useless as most urologist never even ask you about how your intestinal track is - so the gut and the colon.

Basically - the key for us all is to write about all of this in the main stream medical publications - the Lancet, British Medical Journal - with the people who you are employing to help you get better.

My team are very keen to help me spread the word. Urologist need to start taking on board that there are other alternatives - patients have to choose of course how they want to be treated, but to never know that you could get better through alternative medicine doesn't do patients justiced.

I am re-educating my GP and I also am writing an article about how the doctors didn't listen to me, and isn't this wrong in the 21st century, doctors need to be as open minded as patients especially if you are paying them vast amounts of money to see them privately - they have a duty to at least listen to the other ways people go about treating IC. This Professor I went to see in Harley Street, didn't know anything about an anti-candida diet, or accupuncture, she sort of was so cyncial about it all - I couldn't believe how closed minded she was - at £300 for ten mins, one should expect more. It is a disgrace as I told her!!!!

Best wishes


Registered: Jan 26, 2010
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I was diagnosed with Candida in March 2008.  Diagnosed via a cervical swab. 
I was put on fluconazole for a month then a pessary every week for 6 months.
I was put on a diet to elimate sugar and yeast but taken into account of a prolapsed bowel by my gastrologist.  I wouldn't
recommend doing this diet alone.  I started getting hypo's because my sugars got so low.

Breakfast - porrdge oats, Rice milk or milk.

Lunch - Skinless chicken, Rice or brown rice and vegetables. no seasoning at all.

tea - Activia yoghurt(no sugar ) tastes nice

I did this for a few months and lost a mega amount of weight.  Then we slowly introduced cooked apple and pear due to the low sugar episodes

Unfortuneatly due to a bladder stretch at christmas and further antibotics my candida has come back.  My urologist said for
every course of antibotics it takes your bladder 3 to 6 months to rebalance its natural flora.

Every time I've had a flare up its started with thrush.

Good luck



Registered: Sept 17, 2008
Posts: 186
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Just thought I'd give u an update, I have been following the anti candida diet for about a week and have been suffering terrible sugar cravings and what I believe are candida die off symptoms including no energy, flu like symptoms, dicky tummy . However, my bladder has been good and my skin is starting to look healthy, its been a long while since I've had a healthy glow! I know there's a long way to go, but fingers crossed I will continue to improve. I'll update again in a few weeks. Hope you're all feeling well.
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