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Registered: Dec 10, 2003
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I am afraid this will probably be NO help whatsoever to any of you, because this is an addictive drug. (valium) but since I have been given these tablets for night time. (10mg) I have had the best sleep I have had for ages.  Unfortunately, these are temporary for my sciatica BUT they even calm my bladder down!  They are brilliant.  I wish they were not addictive because I would ask for them again but I have a feeling my doctor will say NO and who can blame him??  They work even better than pethidine for me.  Which are stronger I wonder?

Chrissy xx


Registered: April 2, 2004
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Hi chrissy,

I am gong to agree with you,it is a narcotic,I was given mine by my uro,and my GP followed his advice.If you read Robert Moldwin book the Interstial cystitis guide,he recommends diazepam in low doses 2mg 3 times a day,its a muscle relaxant and on the info in the packet it says for anixtey which is 60 -100mg.It basically treats pelvic floor dysfunction,some people are cured with this drug then weaned off.When we are stressed we tense that area,the drug calms it down hence why your IC is better if you have had improvement means you are tensing the area even if you dont realise and you have had your fair share of problems the last few weeks so it makes sense that you feel better and it is also a pain blocker,and belive it or not some people are on a chronic dose long term.The book quotes "Physical dependence meaning withdrawal make take place,however,with low dose therapy,this is a rare event,When it does occur,withdrawal may manifest as sensitivity to light and sound/or  insomnia.These problems are generally not severe and self limted".It is not a long term solution its best to to use on a as needed basis,get the book.I still have some just in case of pain,it beats the burning.I use to take 4mg a day if pain lasted more than 4 days I would take one.I did get mine from my uro as because I was an anxious person he wasnt convinced that I had IC as pelvic floor dys actually carries the same symtoms as IC you can have both but if you treat 1 your should feel better.So perhaps you should speak to your uro,do you have an IC diagnosis? and your kidney pain without the stones,I asked my hypno about that and I know it can happen with bladders too,thats because the brain is actully sends signals to the area still because you had long term pain,your brain hasnt realised that the stones have gone.My guy had to redirect my bladder signals because it became habit for me to go when I didnt have to.

Anyway I have gone on and on,to be honest though was your GP more worried about the diazepam more than pathedine or morphine,they carry a much higher addiction rate (sorry),but they do help you so I want you to be pain free.But dont worry about the valium my hypno says nearly all of his patients are on lowest 60mg of diazepam and when they get better they wean themselves off.I took mine for nearly 6 months and I am off and had no problems.

Im glad you had a better day and dont beat yourself up,dont take too much it will give you retension and if you can go 2 6mg see if the results are the same.This is positive Chrissy because you can perhaps and stop the pethadine.

Love Leni

Registered: Dec 10, 2003
Posts: 1,474
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Hiya Leni

Thanks for that.  My GP said that if I can cope on diazepam without the pethidine, that is a GOOD sign so lets hope so!  Put it this way, I am sleeping alot better on it!  YES, I have been diagnosed with IC after a cystocopy and biopsy back in 2001. 

Chrissy xxx

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