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Registered: April 23, 2007
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Hey everybody, I went and bought a cook book for IC patients. Cost me like 35 bucks, so I figured I'd share.  Here are the foods to AVOID:

aged cheeses (ie cheddar, Roquefort, brie)
aged, processed, cured, and smoked meats
aspartame (Nutrasweet)
berries (except blueberries and blackberries)
carbonated drinks
caviar (yeah like we'd really miss that one..hahahaha)
cherries (sour or sweet)
chicken livers
chocolate (nooooooooooo!)
citric acid
citrus fruit and citrus juice
corned beef
cranberries and cranberry juice
fava beans
hot spices like cayenne, chiles, chile powder, cloves, cumin, curry, fenugreek, paprika
lima beans
MSG (monosodium glutamate)
raw globe or green onions
red wine
rye and sourdough bread
salad dressing (commercially prepared)
sodium benzoate or potassium benzoate
soy sauce (though some get away with low sodium soy sauce)
white wine and other alcoholic beverages when not cooked

Enjoy! (or more accurately, stop enjoying. Watch as the "joy" is sucked out of our

Registered: Aug 22, 2006
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Thats ridiculous! Are you supposed to live on bread and water?

I don't find that what i eat affects my bladder at all. Its just certain drinks like wine and sparkling water that can make it feel uncomfortable.


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i find the only things that affect my bladder are tomatoes, asparagus, pesto, most fruit, vit C,  and wine. i can tolerate coffee, chocolate, mild curries and chillies. i have only felt confident enough to try different food etc now that my cystistat is working.

i think the long list of bad foods is only a starting point of foods that MAY irritate a vulnerable bladder, they dont affect us all in the same way.

Registered: Aug 16, 2004
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Nope, you're absolutely correct with that list, sadly.

All those things will do damage to an IC bladder if continuely eaten over a period of time.

You may not totally feel the effect at the time, but it will gradually help inflame/erode your bladders lining, till the day comes (like it did me) that the 'full effect of the damage kicks in, and you get more symptoms/pain.

Even if you don't think your IC is severe enough to be effected by eating such foods, it's best to  'play safe' and cut out  as many off that list as you can.

There are plenty of alkaline producing foodstuffs that you can eat instead, that will help keep your urine alkaline and will help keep the inflammation at bay a little longer.

I know it's a bore, but it really does help in the long run.

After saying all of that, that list is for folks with IC and so I'm not sure how relevant it is to those with BC, unless they're bladders are extremely inflamed all the time, not they're not sure what they have.


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aww no. mayo is on the list.
also what fruits are ICers meant to eat then.


Registered: July 30, 2005
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the main culprits food wise tend to me alcohol, tomatoes, citrus fruits, caffeine and chocolate for some.
Many others find all other foods, they can eat in moderation with no effect to their bladder
pears and bananas are mostly tolerable. some can eat melons and mangos as well.

the supplement prelief can help some tolerate foods - search on here there should be a thread about it or I think you can buy it online from nutricentre

Registered: Jan 1, 2005
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Wot, no caviar one doesn't know how one will cope!

Seriously, thanks for the list, that's very useful.

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Hi Tara
Well done for finding that list out.  So you gonna stick to it?!!!!!!!!!!!

Registered: Feb 19, 2007
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It's Diet Coke that is my big weakness, I can easily drink a 2 litre bottle in a day.........sigh........

What are the alkaline producing foods?

I like Robinsons Lemon Barley Water.

What things make everyone else better?


Registered: Aug 16, 2004
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Certain foods , once processed through the human body end up making your urine alkaline and thus less aggravating to the bladder.

I can't take any meds, and so I have to manage my very inflamed bladder by eating a very strict diet. I eat only frozen peas, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, and small amount of salmon and chicken. I also have almonds and sometimes a carob bar.

When my bladder is very bad I find that I have to eat small portion of peas and carrots every four hours and that takes the edge of thing for me.


Registered: April 23, 2007
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Thanks you guys!! I didn't know there were foods that alkalize the urine. All I knew about was Prelief, and I've been taking potassium citrate on the advice of a doctor who worked in third world countries and teaches at a local college.

My urologist said not to take potassium citrate because A: she's never heard of it and B: it's acidic. I stopped taking it for a month, then looked it up... it alkalizes!  We really are on our own, aren't we? I started taking it again yesterday and today has been much better.

Anyway, I'm afraid I've proven almost everything on the above list to cause the URGENCY symptom, which is the one I've been dealing with since that damn hot tub in February.  I've cheated on the diet a lot, and paid dearly with a symptom that's kind of a pain/urgency combo deal and really forces me to go home from parties, etc. 

BUT here's what I CAN get away with:
A few soy beans.
A little mayo.
A little chocolate.
Some sour cream on my potatoes.
Cheddar cheese.

Here's what I DO NOT get away with:
Large amounts of mayo
Steak sauce
Tomatoes or anything spicy (or that has taste to it at all, really)
Smoked salmon (worst experience thus far)



Registered: Nov 1, 2006
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Did you ever report the illnesses caused to you and your friends to the owners of the hot tub? Having seen your posts I for sure will never go in one.

I hope you feel better soon.
best regards


Registered: April 23, 2007
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Yeah my friend now knows her tub wasn't clean.  She said something like "well I check the chemical levels." But I doubt it... probably forgot to for several weeks or longer as this was in mid-February and still cold here in Utah. I decided to forgive her and keep our friendship.  It is undenyable that the tub was the cause, since all three in the tub got sick from that day. So I figured she feels bad and it's best not to torture her over it. 

By the way everybody, WATERMELON is setting off symptoms for me. Primarily the urgency.  Anybody want to experiment and see if it messes them up, too?  just kidding.
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