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I was on here a few years ago, had 4 years of misery with doctors, finally saw a uro gyno who told me I had painful bladder syndrome.  I changed my diet and started doing Reiki and my symptoms went away. 

Recently I started seeing a new guy, it was all very exciting.  Probably a combination of too much sex, eating badly, stress at work and in my shared house, anyway woke up one day with the dreaded painful bladder. I went to the doctor and they did a quick test for bacteria, nothing there (as was always the case) he said I was constipated.  So gave me some laxative but my symptoms got worse and I didnt go to the loo for about a week. 

I started getting very painful cramps, so after a week, went back to the doctor and she told me I had IBS.  She said it was probably stress related, I have had alot going on this year. 

So I started taking Fibrogel with mebeverin (antispasmodic) and my IBS has stopped hurting, although Im still not regular.

I have been taking Sodium Bicarb or citrate to try and alkanise my bladder, this used to help. 

The other night I wasnt feeling too bad, then I had a sweet biscuit that my housemate bought back from holiday.  WIthin an hour my bladder was burning like I have never experienced before, I just wanted to cut my stomach open and fill it with ice!!!  I was up all night with it.   Thankfully it has calmed down now and I have been eating just vegetables and turkey, porridge with water.  Im paronoid to eat anything else which might set it off again.

I have been reading up and see that one symptom of IBS is a painful bladder, so I am wondering which I should try and treat first?!

Im seeing a nutritional therpist in london today, I am hoping she can help with the IBS which might help my bladder. 

I have also been reading that Painful bladder could be an inflammation of that general area.

I cant believe I am back in this boat again, but I am a lot more informed than last time, so hopefully modification of the diet and reducing stress should help.

Sorry for the long post!  I found a great deal of comfort here when I was in pain and noone else understood what I was going through.  So hi everyone, Im sad to be back, but any ideas welcome!

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Sorry I got a bit carried away there!
I meant to ask - has anyone else had IBS with bladder symptoms and what did they do to help both?

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Hi, I can understand how it must be awful but at the same time a comfort to be back on this website again.  Is your IBS of the constipated kind?  I wondered, that with such a full life are you getting enough exersise each day, as this helps IBS.  Obviously, stress also plays havoc with our system.  Perhaps if you get the pain under some control, then this helps you to concentrate on causes and longer-term treatment.  There is lots of advice on here, as I expect you know, as to pain management.  Hope things settle soon.

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yes it is the constipated kind which is why I think its making my bladder sore.
The thing Im worried about is non of the usual tricks seem to be working.  I havent had caffiene in years, that used to be the major thing to flare me up.  I have been avoiding acidic food.  Drinking lots of water and having citrate sachets. 
I had some peppermint tums the other night and they flared me up, I usually have the fruit ones.

Could it be that alkaline is making me worse???!!!

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Hi i have Ic and IBS with constipation. My bladder is a lot worse when i'm constipated.
I take movical solution from the docs before i go to bed which really helps the constipation but upsets my bladder.
However it is only painful in the bladder the next day and personally i'd rather put up with that than be constipated.
I only take the sachet once a week.
Sometimes i use senna which help too but i find they dont always work.
Lots of people with ic have ibs too.
hope this helps.

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Thank you
I have just been to the doctor and he rekons I have a bladder infection.  I told him about the history (or what you can in 3 minutes!) and he thinks its a red herring and its not painful bladder coming back.  I had a urine test last week, just a dipstick but I was told a sample would also go to the lab.  Today he said it wasnt sent.  So as I had heard nothing, I thought it was clear.

He has given me macrodantin as apparently it treats all bladder infections. 

I really hope he is right and its just an infection this time.  The IBS is  not as bad although I am still constipated.

Just play the waiting game for a few days I guess....

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OK so I started taking the antibiotics, and yes, I am feeling a bit better!  The bladder pain is only when I pee now, with a dull ache in between. I even walked home from the train station last night which took me 90 minutes and I didnt need to stop once!

I also saw a nutritional therapist last night who told me what I thought to be true (as I have also been studying nutritional therapy with the same lady)

Basically, years of antibiotics,amytriptyne and pain killers have killed off the good bacteria in my gut and the lining of my bladder and bowels is very weak.  This is why, even after 4 years of no  bladder problems, I still have a sensitivity to alcohol and I cant touch caffiene with a barge poll. Avoidance, doesnt cure!

So I am on a mega high dose of probiotics (Biocare Bio-Acidophilus Forte), Lilly of the desert herbal purifying aloe vera - this is for the IBS to detox and clear out all the constipation, and Biocare concentrated cranberry powder, which I was a bit worried about, but I searched on this forum and a few people have mentioned it, and it seems to be OK for them.

She said I will probably get worse before I get better, the body goes through a healing crisis, but I haev experienced this before with other complementary therapies.

So here goes nothing!  I would love to hear if anyone else has tried any of these?

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