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So my daughter takes probiotics everyday as she is prone to UTI's, I noticed when I gave her one brand she flooded herself what seemed like constantly, when I stopped the probiotics, it seemed to ease. (She still has accidents everyday)
I changed brands and she didn't flood but still had accidents some days good, some days worse than others, as usual.  She is currently on ab/x for a UTI so i've upped the dose of probiotics (to what is recommended on the bottle) while she's on ab/x and today she has had lots of accidents.  Is this just a strange coincidence or has anyone else noticed OAB is worse when taking good bacteria?


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I havent taken any probiotics for a while as I only started getting oab symptoms for the last six months.

But it does sound strange that that does happen. Maybe it could be something in the brand that irritates her bladder more more is more of a diuretic that causes her to wee more.

I am sorry I am not much help but I was planning on getting a bottle of probiotics but maybe now I wont just in case lol.

Its def certainly something to mention to the urologist though. Your poor daughter I do hope you and her get her bladder sorted soon as it wouldnt be much fun for her.
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