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Hi, I have been having strange movement rumbling vibrating sensations in my bladder for the last three years. Sometimes I think I can feel a bubbling sentation. I frequently need to urinate but dont have any pains, just this feeling of discomfort coming from the bladder. My doctor has just agreed to send me to see a consultant. It is so strange and I wish my bladder could return to normal.
I would appreciate any suggestion.

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Hi ,

Are you female/male ?

Is the discomfort there all the time ? 

If you would like to receive further information about bladder conditions and COB send your name and address to  

best wishes


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Thanks Dawn, I am male and is it possible for the condition to affect men?


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Hello Chessplayer,

It is absolutely possible for males to have interstitial cystitis and/or problems with their bladders feeling strange, vibration feelings, frequent urination and often no signs of any bacterial infection on urine testing.  Many men are diagnosed as having prostatitis and dismissed as having IC, because they are repeatedly told IC is only a womens' problem. It isn't.  IC can affect anyone, men, women and children. It is inflammation of the bladder wall and my son always described the weird sensations in the bladder as like a drip, drip, drip sensation and vibration as the bladder was filling.

Prostatitis and |IC can co-exist for males - so not only does the bladder become inflamed but the prostate can at the same time.  

Do you have other symptoms at all like irritable bowel syndrome, muscles aches, pains, allergies etc.  that may be implacting on the bladder. Most people with IC have a whole range of inter-connected things going on. If you have had a lot of antibiotics in the past, this may also be responsible.


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Thank you, I will certainly mention this when I visit the consultant.. just waiting for an appointment. Many thanks for you help.


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Hi everyone,

Glad to find this forum. I been having pain in the bladder region and above with the vibrations in my bladder as well. I thought it was an infection so I was drinking loads of Cranberry juice and water as for me this usually helps get rid of it. Only time I've had vibrations in bladder in my life before now was few days before a period. But now its annoying as am getting it alot in the day and night.

Been Drs though didn't have the vibrations then, just pain, like period pain but not, did swab which came back clear. Did urine sample but they couldn't do it as was too diluted with all the juice and water been drinking.

It burns and stings abit when I pee and today its feeling like I need to go more often. Did have alcohol the other night so whether this has made it worse I don't know. But took 2 days for it to get worse after if thats the case.
Its also itchy at times, thought I had thrush but dr outruled that as well upon examination.

Just fed-up with the pain and vibrations. So looks like back to the drs again for another urine sample. They did give me general antibiotics, but am allergic to alot of pills etc so I not taken them as too many times have had them and then had to have stronger ones. Don't want to take until I find out which specific antibiotics I may need.

Hoping to god that my bladders not ruptured in some way and will have to deal with this forever or something. Hoping it still is an infection and the cranberrry juice tho' it did help as was getting pain in sides as well reduced that area and above bladder. Least now the pain is just in bladder, but been drinking it for 4wks now and read that too much juice isn't good and can cause kidney stones.

Anyone with advise, would be most grateful. Glad at least that am not alone with this. But I expect when I see dr, they will look at me like am from another planet when I mention the vibrations, yet its clear that its not that rare judging by ppl posting it on here!!

Many thanks.


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Also I see that page above with link to these probs doesn't exist anymore.

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Hi there Marisa. To me it rather sounds like you have all the symptoms of I.C. so drinking cranberry juice may be making symptoms worse.

I'm no expect but going by the weird sensations that I also suffer from I suspect those 'vibrations' you are experiencing is your bladder wall contracting a little due to being highly sore and aggravated.

Leave off the alcohol as that is highly aggrivating to a sore bladder and try and drink plenty of water and eat plain food and see If that improves your symptoms any.

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