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I had a TVT tape inserted Friday week last. And I have had nothing but problems with it. Bladder retention made me have a catheter, then bladder spasms, then my opening wound on the pubic bone got infected and ouzed puss. I am now on antibiotics but I can only pee for 50 to 100ml and this does not seem right.

I have been advised to go back to hospital to learn how to self catheterise but I am sick of it all. I have been to casualty twice, back to the hospital 3 times, and now they want me to go back again.
It seems that I am not getting the care I need, and maybe I should be admitted until everything is OK. For the last week my right side and pelvic area has been extremely painful and if I cough it is unbearable, yet no one seems to care about this, I am just told to continue with the antibiotics.

Should we pee the amount we drink? or does the body retain some fluid? I am about 400ml down, just started measuring today. Has anyone had this and y problems and if so what happened. Or maybe anyone could give me some advise on what to do next. I cannot see myself doing anything but stay at home until all this is cleared.


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Hi Quartzy, Sorry to read you are having problems since having a TVT, sometimes you can experience all the things you have, hopefully the infection will clear up with antibiotics, the pelvic pain and spasms may be due to the infection or it may just take a few weeks for your bladder to settle down.

You would not necessarily pee the same amount as you drink, lots of factors will determine how much you urinate, you can pee more or less depending on your diet and how active you are. In hot weather you would probably drink far more then you urinate.

I had a TVT about 9-10 years ago, I suffered no problems and for me it was a complete success. Sometimes you experience the problems you have when the tape is pulled to tight, it is quite difficult to remove the tape once inserted. I am a little surprised you have had a TVT, from what I have read they now prefer to do a TVTO. This reduces the chance of retaining urine and bladder problems as the tape is inserted at much less of an angle, it lies much flatter so doesn't put so much pressure on the urethra.

You could find that once the infection goes you have less problems, I personally would go back to the hospital if they are asking you to,  it is the only way they can see if things are improving or what the next step is. I'm sure it is very distressing however it is still early days and they will be keeping an eye on you.

I hope everything settles down for you and you begin to feel benefit from it. Good luck and best wishes. Snowy

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hi snowee
thanks for responding to my post, thank God the pain has lessened today. And I am peeing more, I will go back to the hospital on Monday if I still have the pain. I am so much relieved, thanks to peoples prayers and thoughts, I am through the worst I hope. I guess the antibiotics are finally working, and I am taking them on a empty stomach as suggested.


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Did you think about mesh (TVT Tape) erosion? I had to wear a leg bag for 4 weeks and had to self cath for 5 weeks before I could go on my own. Dr. kept saying it was all because of my IC. When I started to go on my own I also started to have abdomial pain & vaginal spasms. Next my groin, hip and legs started to hurt all the time. Soon I could hardly walk I was in daily pain. I was missing more and more work until I lost my job. I'm not saying this is you- it took me almost 5 years to find out what was wrong with me. Maybe if I got my answers sooner I wouldn't have as many problems as I do today.
Time takes a lot more away from us then we know.

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I am pleased to say that my cateter has been removed, but I have had one infection after another, having baths even after 6 weeks is not an option, as soon as I do the infection gets worse. I have had no further contact with the hospital and the lack of care is something I am thinking of complaining about. I am sorry for your troubles, and hope that you get it sorted soon
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