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Hi, I have IC (which I've had for 4 and a half years) and have been for my first acupuncture treatment today. The acupuncturist (if that is the correct word!) has asked if those that have had successful acupuncture treatment would be able to share which points they used please and so I wondered if there was anyone on here who had a successful acupuncture treatment would be able to ask their therapist which points they used?

He said the acupuncture profession are friendly and helpful so would be happy to share.

Also if it has worked for you, how long did it take before you saw any difference?

Thanks very much for any help you can give.

I'm also going to look at Chinese medicine and herbs next and wonder if anyone can recommend someone who has experience in treating IC (I'm in Manchester). Thanks again for any help.

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I’ve dropped you a PM with some names. We are unable to directly name and discuss practitioners on these forums.

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Acupuncture IS AMAZING it helped me with my periods and the cramps I was having I swear by it I never used it for utis because I couldn’t last that long if I get one I need antibiotics right away weirdly enough my pee never smells weird but I get every other horrible experience that is linked to them I know this may sound weird but I fast a lot I seriously find a lik much between bloating or fullness to the symptoms I know many swear off alcohol I did for 8 months but at the first sign of one I take a shot of vodka on an empty stomach it warms me up btw my dr told me to try putting a ice cold water bottle on my lady parts and that helps to to relieve the pain A. It reduces inflammation and apparently antibiotics are “cold”

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I tried both acupuncture and dry needling.  Unfortunately, I did not get much relief; however, each person responds differently to treatments so definitely give a try!
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