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Hi again, as a side note to a post about surgery in the general page, I have been prescribed amitriptaline as a last resort to try and stop my frequency. Has anyone has any success with this drug? I'm in such a pickle now that I'm a bit scared to try new things in case they make my frequency worse.


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Hi Lisa

No wonder your scared, you are really having  complicated time with this dreadful dis-ease.It is always extra sad when younger people are afflicted, but do not give up, there are several younger members on here, and managing to find ways of coping, so do keep posting.

see this thread may assist

and then why not telephone Nurse on helpline tomorrow,you can speak with her with your several queries, and am sure you will receive some helpful advise.

Kind regards


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As I understand Amitryptilene, it is a mild anticholorgenic which means that it should contribute to lessening frequency. I was prescribed Noratryptilene which is a similar drug to calm the nerves in that area following a bad bladder infection and it has the same properties. The Noratryptilene did take about 14 days to start to work though.

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Hi Lisa,

I think Amitriptyline is worth a try as it can work by 'dampening down' the nervous system and so could help with the sensation of needing the toilet. I take that and Betmiga and things do feel calmer for me however I do have IC.

Have you tried any other drugs that have been specifically developed to help with frequency, such as Betmiga, Vesicare etc?

Anna x

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Thank you Anna. I have taken only a few so far so as of yet haven't had any improvement but at this point I will just have to remain hopeful. I might see if I get any positive effects and consider another medication alongside. I have tried most of the anti frequency drugs, Mirabegron was the newest one that the consultant wanted me to try however I already had and no effect [frown] none of them have really given me any improvement from my symptoms unfortunately, which is why it's looking like surgery is fast becoming the only option and it's terrifying! If there is a wonder drug that can magically improve my bladder capacity I would pay my life savings and more for it [frown]

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Lisa, one thing did occur to me regarding Oxybutynin. It is regarding dose. When I was first prescribed it by my gp she gave me 2.5 mg twice a day. When my symptoms were more serious I was taking 5mg twice day, that was the dose my urologist prescribed. In his view 22.5mg x2 was low. The paperwork suggest up to 20mg a day, but that would really be awful in respect of side affects. Obviously you need to do this through a doctor, but my gp said she had never prescribed more than the lower amount, my urologist said I was taking the dose for a bed wetting child!!! So there might be some flexibility that would help you, if you decided to give this another go.
Btw, as my symptoms have settled and the alkaline diet has help, plus the 10mg of Noratryptilene, I am back on 2.5 mg X2 a day, so things can improve.
I hope all this makes sense.
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