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My doctor upped my dose of Amitripyline to 20mg last week and last week despite feeling groggy for a couple of days, I felt the best I felt in a long time.

Since Saturday it feels as though my pain has come back stronger and the ami doesn't feel like it's working at all now. I did try some different foods I wonder if that caused the pain to break through.

Now I feel so despairing again I was able to get out and about now my pain is so bad again I can't get out.

I am at a loss and so depressed.

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Hello maybe you need a higher dose, i notice some people take 50mg, it may be the foods msybe best not to try introducing anything different just yet. It is such a dreadful feeling when it all flares up again.Thinking of you.x

H.M Whitworth

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It's most likely to be the different foods.
It's so easy to slip back when you are feeling better but you have to
stay on the IC diet that suits you all the time.

I would go back to eating what you felt gòod on and keep the amitriptyline
at the same dose .

Good luck.

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All I had tried differently was plain turkey mince and a plain salmon fillet thats all, then the next day bam in awful pain.

Just don't get it anyone think I had eaten a curry or something, so down I feel like I'm back to the start again. Im so depressed right now.

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Turkey sets me off and I can't eat salmon either as it's
too "fatty " .I know it healthy fats but it gives me awful pain
and diarhea. I tried some mackerel and the pain and diarhea was so
bad I had to go into hospital.

I would stick to the foods you know you are ok on , I know it's boring
but better than having the pain.

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Hi Magicmurphy36,

I had a lot of urethral pain and anal pain. I had problems with waking or doing any type of work etc. 

I now take 60mg of Duloxatine and 100mg Lyrica every morning after breakfast then 100mg Lyrica at night about 18:00hrs. 

This is has worked wonders for me, I know have no pain and am able to work and do the things that I used too do. 

When I first started to take them I did feel light headed but this passed after a couple of weeks. I am still careful with eating 

but I am able to have a treat now from time to time like chocolate and the odd cake. 

I hope you find this useful and get relief soon. 

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