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Hello everyone, I haven't been on here for a while, partly because after a major breakdown over the summer I have managed to pull myself together and have been doing so much better in all aspects of my life. My bladder was an absolute nightmare and I wished I could have just ripped it out and curled up in a corner after having a cystodistention in July. I gradually got more and more mentally distressed and pretty much had a full in breakdown and was afraid to leave he house or go to work. After seeing my consultant, I was referred to a specialist in Bristol whom I am yet to see. But as a last resort in the meantime he told me to try amitriptaline and it is he only thing that has ever had any impact on my bladder, I have come to accept that I need to pee every hour and I still have very bad days, but the urgency seems to have eased.

My issue is that whilst I have been doing really well and have come off all my anxiety and depression medication aswell, I have had two dodgy bladder days this week, for no obvious reason, and I can feel familiar anxieties coming back, which scares me sooooo much. I need to know what my options are for medication long term, I have decided that I am not going to let anyone do anymore physical tests on my bladder due to the hideous consequences last time, but also I'm not sure what I will do if surgery is the only option, which my former consultant seemed to think.

I dunno, if anyone has anything to add to my ramblings then feel free, any advice is gratefully received.
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