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Hi,  anyone know if antibiotics can be added to bladder instillations?   Isn't the general protocol to get rid of infection *before* instillations?   Some people with proven infections & who can't tolerate abx seem to be given treatment with instillations anyway (which as I understand it re-build bladder wall) without getting rid of infection first.  They are under the impression the instillation treats the infection too.   The specialist I'm seeing says infection must be got rid of first!      Confused [confused]

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Surely instills when infected will only seal infection in.I also find this the most confusing condition ever all the conflicting veiws from people if you keep reading them you will drive yourself nuts.
H.M Whitworth

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ha - so true.. but at the same time if you already are a complicated patient you have to research all you can.  I tend to find specialists run screaming in the opposite direction unless I sort most of this out for myself & give them an idea of what I can and can't deal with.. [rolleyes]

It seems some instillations do use Gentamicin

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