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Hi I used to see **Consultant now retired. Have seen another one, but his PA never picks up, very hard to get an appointment and he doesn't use the London clinic and the labs they do use just aren't as good.

Would like to find someone 

  • central london
  • you can get hold of the assistant and get an appointment immediately
  • they test for all bacteria e.g. ureaplasma
  • has a nice non patronising manner
You'd think it would be easy living in London!

Thanks all

**Mod removed name of Consultant as names not allowed on this Forum**

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I'm afraid if you are looking for comprehensive testing then you will need to look at one of the two specialists that treat for embedded bacterial infections. One of them is based in London but is not based at the London Clinic. His secretary is very good and he sees both private and NHS patients. He offers a sediment culture which is simply not available on the NHS.

The majority of specialists in and around Harley Street use a certain laboratory that simply does not offer the extensive testing you seek. Until microscopy testing both on the NHS and privately is changed, then low grade, embedded bacterial infections will not be detected in standard 48 hour testing.

If you call the COB office on Monday they can provide full contact details for this professor.

Good luck

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Thanks you used to be able name check doctors on here…guessing now you cant


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Hello Sharon.
"Thanks you used to be able name check doctors on here…guessing now you cant"

I understand many years ago, it may have been.
Now as Susan mentioned you can always contact the COB office or e. mail Members direct

This in the Forum etiquette.

Forum Etiquette.

No advertising allowed. Advertisers must contact COB Foundation.
1. Do not name your consultant/medical advisor on the forums due to legal reasons. An exchange of this type of information can be done via email. 

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