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Hello, I am new here and so glad a forum like this exists, so thankyou.
My OAB started years ago when I was put on Effexor RX. It took a while to work out the connection as my doctor said it was impossible. As the years have gone by I have discovered that it is possible and it is a rare side effect of these meds. It's been hard to get any doctor to take me seriously!
I have put up with 3 -4 times a night for years but late last year it began to be 6 times a night. A urologist suggested that it was a sleep disorder. But I pointed out I do not need to be asleep just lying horizontal. It is wearing me down.
I finally cried in a doctor's office so I was sent for ultrasound which showed everything normal. I am on Betmiga 50mg which keeps it to 4 times per night. I don't drink alcohol, only have caffeine in the morning and stay away from acidic fruit, chocolate etc at night.
Urologist suggested oxytrol patches but they don't work for me. She also prescribed amitriptyline. I took 10 mg for only 3 nights with no effect. A gynaecologist says I have the beginning of a prolapse and if they fix that maybe my bladder will be fixed, but I am reluctant to have surgery. A physiotherapist is getting me to do kegels and try meditation.
So what to do?
Should I give the amitriptyline a longer try? I will try a vaginal pessary for prolapse before going for surgery, but my sense is that it is a neurotransmitter issue.
I am so tired. I need help, I need someone who listens and has come across this before in other people. I am not mad or neurotic, I am suffering from disturbed sleep.
,(I recently had a GA while having the hysteroscopy and my bladder has gone crazy at night. Hoping it will settle because a catheter is looking pretty good from where I am!)

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Reading your story my heart goes out to you for all you are struggling with.  I would strongly suggest calling the BHUK advice line.  A continence nurse is usually available on a Wednesday and you should be able to speak with her.

The line is open between 9am and 2pm Monday to Friday.  Don't worry if it goes to voicemail someone will call you back immediately.  Lines can be busy but you will be contacted.

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Thank you so much for your reply. Unfortunately I am in Australia. I found this forum and thought I could join, as there is no Australian equivalent. The medicos I see are competent and well meaning, but it helps me to be somewhere like this forum where I don't feel so alone and I can see if others have found help or a solution.

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Hello Nocturietta.

Welcome to our Forum, and am sure you will find some helpful advice.

May I suggest you could join BHUK from overseas Link HERE

Also these are some contacts that may help

ICSG Australia
PO Box 144
Richmond VIC 3121
Dr Katya Buc Stooke – Chairman

Interstitial Cystitis Support Group (This group may be inactive)
Mercy Hospital for Women
Clarendon Street East Melbourne,
3002 Victoria
Contact: Christine Murray

Do also keep posting as we always listen and try to assist.

Hope this helps
Kind regards


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Thank you for your reply, I will follow up these.

What are your, or anybody's, thoughts on using amitriptyline? Do you need to be on it for awhile to notice a difference? I am only on 10mg and started last night. I will keep at it to see if it works for me.
I will also do the bladder retraining and pelvic floor exercises as they are beneficial in themselves.
I can't help but feel gloomy about my prospects though. My sister can have wine and chocolate and sleep like a baby, getting up once. Most of my friends are nonplussed by my predicament. I think my mother may have had bladder issues but women of her generation simply endured. She never spoke of it anyway.
I long for a night where I only get up twice. I have travelled a bit with my husband, smuggling plastic containers into tents, boats and so on, scuttling out to empty them unseen in the morning. It has become a way of life.

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Awh! bless you, am sure many will relate to your dreadful situation.
I used the search tab above using search for amitriptyline, may help.

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