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Hi all,

I recently joined the forums and posted an introduction about my story in General Topics. I have had BC for the last 7 months, specifically Proteus mirabilis. Until I can see the London doctor I am going to manage my situation as best as possible with diet and other self help but I have some question about diet with BC.

Since first getting diagnosed I have tried to cut out acid foods. But I have read in Angela Kilmartin's book that 'alkalising urine does not inhibit a Proteus infection". And I had read before on the internet that Proteus basically alkalises the urine itself. So I am really doing exactly the wrong thing by cutting out acid with this particular infection does anyone know? Am I actually making it worse or is it just that alkalising won't help with Proteus? Certainly some acidic foods seem to make the burning worse so I don't want to eat a lot of acid foods but should I actually be eating some? And for the same reasons is Prelief really of no use with Proteus and maybe even bad for me?

Angela also says that for BC all sugar and white flour should be cut out. This sounds very sensible I will try very hard to do it. But sugar includes all fruit and surely one needs some fruit and the vitamins in it to have a healthy immune system? I LOVE fruit and will find it hard to cut it all out - but will do it if it would help! Guess I'd have to take vitamin supplements then? 

I'd really appreciate hearing from anyone who has experience of changing diet to help control a bacterial infection and any other ideas about diet and BC.


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