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Hi, after some advice please.
I’ve suffered OAB for approx 10 years, definitely worse the last 5 years since menopause, and HRT hasn’t really touched it.
I’ve used vesicare off and on for more than 3 years, more recently every day and also trued upping to 10mg.

I’ve see the women’s health physio at my local hospital twice, and she’s done the usual kegel exercise advise, and also discovered a tightness on one side which I’m trying to work on.
I go back to see her in 4 weeks time, to me it seems silly to exercise pelvic floor when I currently have tightness issue to work on too.

She also suggested I try Betmiga, so I called my GP, and she left a prescription for me to try for a month.

The first two days looks very promising, both urgency and frequency reduced. Then I became concerned I wasn’t going to toilet very often at all and felt a bit puffy. I called the doctor and she suggested cutting the tablets in half hence reducing the dosage to 25 mg

I’ve been taking the 25 mg Plus a 5 mg Vesicare tablet for the past week or so.

This is really helping with the bladder issue, but slightly concerned by slight water retention, and constipation, and unsure whether to continue or stop.
It’s awful as the treatment is really helping bladder, but those two issues are making me question if I should continue.

Do any of you suffer constipation as a side effect? If so do you have any suggestions?

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Hi,  I have just been prescribed the same Betmiga 25mg for OAB.  I would be interested in how you get on with it.  You say it's helped with urgency and frequency and I am desperate for some relief from these awful symptoms.  I couldn't use Vesicare due to side effects - mainly swelling up of my lower legs and other issues.

For constipation, I have found Cosmocol the most gentle.  I take one sachet mid evening and that usually does the trick.  A box of 20 is about £6

I also have regular sessions of Sistisat bladder instillations once a month in the urology clinic; it's hyaluronic acid.  At first, it helped quite a lot but not completely.  Recently, I've had a break from it and the symptoms worsened, so my consultant is arranging regular instillations to recommence...just waiting for a letter.

I feel there is an allergic element to my symptoms so I use a Piriton; it helps with sleep a little.

Let me know if you stay on Betmiga if you don't mind.  I will take my first dose today but there is no indication as to when you should take it. I thought, as night time is the worst, I would use it before bed.  When do you take your dose?

Best wishes
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