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Hi everyone,

Having read all your comments I am a bit confused over what I have and would be grateful for your thoughts. Neither my GP or my urologist have given it a name, but after Vesicare gave me side affects I have been put on Betmiga which I have now taken for two weeks. My only/main symptom is feeling like I want to go all the time, with no burning as you would with a UTI or cystitis. I have no leakage, or have ever had, and no incontinence. The urge feels like pressure and with it it feels like a spasm as if you were going to the toilet.I am due to have a cystoscopy next week and maybe that will give me some answers.

Thanks you.

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Originally Posted by maryellen
Has anyone been prescribed the latest drug for OAB called Betmiga (mirabegron). Apparently it is a beta3-adrenoceptor agonist and works in a different way to the anti-muscularinics such as Ditropan. My consultant has prescribed a 25mg daily dose but as yet (started 4 weeks ago) it is not nearly as effective as Ditropan so I am wondering if he should have started me on the 50mg dose. It is a very new drug and I would like to hear from anyone else who has been prescribed it.

I have just stopped taking this drug.  It is the last one I have taken over a period of 10 years.  This particular drug did the exact thing it said on the packet.  It made me wee myself the first time ever, It made me want to go to the loo every hour  throughout the night.  Every make I have tried have been better at first but got gradually worse.  Now I have stopped taking anything and I now still have pain but one pain and not two.  I saw a consultant last week, cost me £200.00.  He told me an overactive bladde does not cause pain so I do not know what I have been feeling for 10 years.  I will not be taking anymore of these tablets though.  Best of luck
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