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Hi all, It's a while since I posted on here. Can't remember how long since but here is an update.
Probably since I last wrote I went to CBT as a lot of my urgency problem was an anxiety thing. There was a bit of improvement till I went to the Opticians for an eye test and panicked because there were no public loos near by. Had to ask to use the loo in the Opticians. Was so nervous and the eye test was taking ages.
Since then I've thought​ about it a bit more. The urge isn't coming from my bladder. It's coming from my urethra. It's like a soreness builds up and it feels like I urgently need to wee. So then I panic and it makes it worse. Happened a week ago when I went shopping in a nearby town. New I was sore before I even got out of the car. Then the urgency sensations were there. Couldn't concentrate on my shopping so dashed across town with my head down to go to loo but only voided 50ml approx! So it's almost like a phantom urgency thing. Though it's not the same as the Urgency episode I had in town last summer that I felt in my bladder. On that occasion I had to void NOW and struggled to get to the loo in time. With the urethral soreness urgency, whilst I don't have to get to the loo NOW, I am only one step away from it. Need to get there asap. Or to put it another way, on a scale of 1 - 10, the bladder urgency was at 11! The urethral soreness urgency is at 9.
You may remember I had an hip replacement a year ago and it was soon after that that I noticed my bladder sensation had virtually vanished. I only felt it when I had that urgency episode in town I just mentioned. Well heres the thing. I'm drinking about 1500ml a day. A bit more if it's hot weather. My first drink is at approx 8.30am or 9am, then one midmorning, one at lunchtime, one mid afternoon, one at dinner time and one in the evening. With my bladder sensation being mostly gone I don't feel any urge to go so I find I usually go about 1pm having not been all morning, and like yesterday, my 1pm void was 150ml. Then again at 4.30pm, then 8.15pm then 10pm. But the first void of the morning at 8am was 700ml! I was not in any state of urgency whatsoever. No bladder pain or Urethral​ soreness.
In your opinion, could that be because my bladder is virtually numb? 700ml seems a lot to hold without being in an urgency situation. I wasn't simply dying for the loo either.
Also do you think I get no normal bladder urge for the loo during the day A) because my bladder is virtually numb or because it can hold a lot and I have no urges anyway. So 500ml or whatever won't make any difference.
The only urges I feel are either very slight trickling sensations in my urethra which could very easily be missed, or the soreness urgency sensations in my urethra. So with this in mind I tend to keep an eye (Roughly) on what I have drank and the time to decide when to go to the loo.
I have recently started back on HRT in hope that it will help with the urethral soreness and therefore the Urgency feelings will stop too. I can live in hope. I'm scared of having a urethral urgency episode when my bladder is full one of these days. So I wear Tena more often than not when I go out. I'm too scared​ not to.
Sorry for the long post. I was just trying to explain things as they have been and as they are.
Thanks for listening.

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Hi again, Thinking this through a bit further I am thinking that the trickling sensations in my urethra may not be urge sensations. They may be there wether I need to go or not. For sure they could easily be missed.
I've seen a urologist who says that nothing is wrong. However, he said I should be voiding between 350ml and 450ml every void and that I don't need to drink any more than a litre a day! I can't think that's right but I've got it in writing to prove he said it!
Whilst I often have 100ml and 150ml voids, I have had 200 and 250ml voids too. I get 300ml voids but only rarely so the urologist would be disappointed with me. No way could I get such high voids every time. The only time I have a big void is usually in the early hours. This morning it was 750ml! That's the biggest ever I believe. Is this normal? I would expect to be bursting with all that but as I said earlier, I had no urgency feelings at all.
Really fed up with all this now. It's really impacted on my life since last year. Avoiding going places where there are no obvious loos or there may be queues. I'm going to N Wales a week on Monday in the car with hubby so that's 150ml out of my comfort zone. Dread traffic queues and an urgency episode. Will be wearing my Tena Pants for sure. Do you know of any other ways to bring my anxiety down as soon as the urethral soreness kicks in. It may help stop an urgency episode from escalating.
Have you heard of anyone else who has an urgency feeling that comes from urethral soreness? There must be a link.
Thanks again for listening.

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Are you aware that BHUK have a nurse practitioner in th office each Wednesday between 10am and 3pm. I'd call her and talk through your voiding and travel concerns. She is very knowledgeable and may well have some hints and tips to help.

I'd also using some simple breathing techniques to reduce anxiety which are often prescribed by counsellors to help.

Breathe in for a count of four and out for a count of 7 and keep doing that until the anxiety starts to dissipate. Just focus on the breathing and close your eyes and relax.

Always remember the more you stress the more your bladder will pick up on it sending need to pee signals so go slowly in your trip and drink fluids that will help you rather than restricting or overdoing fluids.

Ideally urine should be the colour of a pale white wine. Too dark and you run the risk of dehydration and urea in the urine causing the bladder to become inflamed due to the acidity and too pale and you are peeing out water and possibly over drinking.

There is no set rule about how much you drink each day, its very individual. Some people find their bladders are more comfortable on 1.5 litres, others a lot less. So don't compare yourself to other people.

I assume localised oestrogen has been ruled out? The urethra and bladder as well as the vagina have high levels of oestrogen receptors and this is needed to keep these areas healthy without becoming dry, sore and brittle and maintain bacterial levels. With the peri and menopause years the pelvic region loses these oestrogen levels so you might want to try localised oestrogen to stop the soreness and build up tissue strength. Perhaps your GP could refer you to a uro gynaecologist for examination and a discussion on HRT and issues with your bladder.

Enjoy your holiday - treat the journey as part of it and go at your own pace.

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Hi Susan, I apologise for the late reply. Thanks for your help before my holiday. Yes I rang the nurse though right now I can't remember what she said. I did go on holiday though. We went from the Monday till the Friday. Mon, Tues, and Wednesday I did better than expected. Even the 150 mile trip wasn't too bad. But Thursday wasn't good. I felt anxious as soon as we got up that morning. To cut a long story short, we were heading for Betwys Y Coed via Blenau Ffestiniog. I couldn't relax and stop the anxiety do when we got to BF hubby parked in a quiet car park and asked me if I wanted to find the ladies first. No I said, I will never get there in time. So it ended up with me using the female urinal bottle in the back of the car whilst hubby stood on guard! Thankfully there was nobody else around. I was still under the cloud of anxiety when we got to BYC, especially when the coffee shop was really busy with an almost continuous queue for the ladies. However I coped but was still under the anxiety cloud till I rang my daughter and we had a chat. Somehow that phone call got me out from under the dark cloud and I felt more at ease after that. Friday morning we set off home. I was a bit anxious heading home too however I did do the breathing exercises and doing that did help stop me from getting so stressed and anxious. We stopped approx half way home for a loo stop and a snack. Whilst it wasn't urgency as such I still dashed to the loo in the coffee shop ahead of my husband. I usually go before we leave too but the loos were closed for maintenance! So I couldn't. But I managed not to go again till we got home.

I started back on HRT cream soon after reading your message. But it doesn't help all the time. Its effect isn't continuous for some reason. Perhaps I should be using a different one? I am using GYNEST, otherwise known as Estriol.
Since the holiday I have been doing my best to not let the anxiety beat me though it's not easy, especially with the uretheral soreness and other sensations and my bladder being numb so I don't know when it's full!
I just wish I was back to who I was before all this started. I want to book holidays abroad etc but I can't whilst I am like this. I want to have weekends away in the UK and day trips etc but apart from the Wales trip that hubby booked without telling me first, I have been unable to do these things.

Thanks for listening.
One last question. Aside from the uretheral soreness and symptoms, it's clear this urgency is an anxiety thing as I never get it at home, or in bed on a night. Take last night for example. I got up at 9am this morning and my void was 750ml! No urgency, nothing! Is a 750 ml void normal? I might add that my voids are never so big in the day time. And during the day I can get urgency feelings that end up with me going to the loo but then nothing happens!! So my bladder doesn't have to be full to have an urgency episode. I just pray I don't have an urgency episode with a full bladder though I have managed 200 ml after things got urgent.

Thanks again for listening.
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