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When I first started my bladder friendly diet I found it quite difficult in thinking about what type of meals to have, after 10 yrs Im used to it and enjoy my diet.

Im curious to what meals people eat, especially if they are following an IC, BC, or Candida diet. I thought it might be interesting to have a topic for meal suggestions or bladder friendly recipes.

Lunch: Melon or pears for starters. Boiled egg or tuna in a tortilla plain buttered wrap with plain dippas(kettle) crisps.

Dinner One of my favourites is baked potato with butter and carrot sticks with shredded lettuce. Pear for desert.

Basmati rice with chicken, carrot , corn, green beans. Few slices of mushroom. Sprinkle of Ginger + chicken stock for flavour. With plain poppadoms. You can also do this with different types of pasta.

Snack treats
currant scones or buttered crumpets.

I am interested in your recipes and meal suggestions.

Best wishes

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My usual diet is:

Breakfast: Safeways tinned pears in pear juice or rice krispies, plain cheerios or special K followed by Hovis wholemeal toast with blueberry jam.

Lunch: Salmon, tuna, beef, chicken or turkey sandwich with lettuce and a shake of cider vinigar (apparently this is less acidic than normal vinigar, I get mine from Holland & Barrett Health food store) - or - pasta mixed with tuna or salmon, corn, 1 slice of apple mixed together with a table spoon of cre'me fraiche, this is not that tasty but it's a change from sandwiches - you could just mix whatever you can tolerate into the pasta & cre'me fraiche, I'm having trouble finding something else to throw in - I'd appreciate any ideas!

Evening meal: Salmon steak, trout, scampi, chicken breast, lamb steak or sirloin steak with jacket potatoe and veg - or -
with boiled brown organic rice mixed with frozen veg thrown into the same pan for the last 5 minutes, then fried with a little ginger for extra flavour.

Afters and Treats:
Pears, Melon, blueberry, meringues with vanilla ice cream or cream. Maderia cake, plain scones. Nestle white chocolate, butterkist toffee popcorn.

Drinks: water, Holland & Barrett Pear juice, the odd very weak coffee and the occasional half a larger shandy! wow!!

This diet does become boring, I'm looking forward to getting some tips from other ic ers.

Best wishes

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Why is Basmati rice good for our health?

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Hi Eva,

I would also be interested to know why Basmati rice is good for our health as you have questioned - - however, do you know otherwise.  Would you say rice is NOT good for IC, candida and related conditions?

Is this because rice is a starch or carbohydrate and basically IC people should not be eating any carbohydrates whatsoever because it feeds candida etc. 
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