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I was diagnosed on Saturday with a bladder infection and given amoxycillin
but after 6 doses I've had awful diarrhoea.
There are white stringy bits in my urine so I'm sure that the infection is still present as I'm still
in pain . I'm hoping to see a GP tomorrow, the problem is I can't take other antibiotics
due to side effects. Could anyone tell me what I can do to ease the pain and are there
other ways to get rid of the infection without antibiotics?

This on top of IC is exhausting! Thanks.

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Hello Blueangel
So sorry you are so poorly at moment. Here is reply from Moderator Susan to a previous thread, with alternative suggestions, that may help.

Firstly the antibiotics you have been put on.  Has the GP confirmed that they are the right antibiotics for your infections?  In other words when the lab analysed your infection did they test for antibiotics that are susceptible to your bugs or resistant to your bugs.  There is no point in putting you on antibiotics without having this confirmed.  Sadly GPs these days take a hit and hope approach and its usually Trimethoprim or Nitrofurantoin for 3 -5 days.  Ask your GP to print out all the results from the laboratory to show exactly what bugs you have and whether the lab has confirmed the antibiotic susceptabilities and resistances.  Take these home with you as this will help if you wish to try to treat using alternatives such as D Mannose for e coli etc. 

If the answer is yes then the dosage is probably not high enough and for not long enough. Low dose antibiotics will not clear an infection.  They may rid you of the main symptoms but not entirely shift the infection itself, come off and it flares up again.  Given you have visible blood and confirmed infection in the urine you are in a very strong position to ask your Urologist for higher dose stronger antibiotics such as Cephelexin, Azythromycin or Doxycycline.  Do not undergo another cystoscopy as this will simply add more bacteria through the instruments into your bladder which is inflamed enough as it is.  If needs be ring the COB(Now Bladder Health UK) office tomorrow and ask for two packs.  One is the Bacterial Cystitis pack, the other the Embedded or Biofilm infection pack.  They will make for very interesting reading and if the urologist is unable to offer any answers then there are two specialists in these packs that can hopefully help you further.  An excellent book to read is that written by Angela Kilmartin called Understanding Cystitis, a guide.  Lots of lifestyle tips in there, her famous bottle washing technique and management for repeated attacks of cystitis. 

If you want to try some naturals, then the following can help
D Mannose for E Coli and other gram negative bacteria.  A teaspoon in water 8 times a day during an attack and a maintenance dose of 3-4 times a day.
Oil of Oregano oil.  Its strong but very good for Enterococcus. A tablet twice a day
Grapefruit seed extract.  2 tablets 3 times a day
Now for  the IBS.  You say that your bladder flared again after being diagnosed with IBS.  Try to track back and see if your bladder problems were linked to times when you had IBS or tummy problems.  IBS is an inflammatory condition of the gut often caused by an overgrowth over bad bacteria in the gut caused either by stress, diet, repeated infections treated by antibiotics or a weakened immune system.  If you don't want to continue on courses of antibiotics then you may need to look at your gut health as the bacteria can often leak through the lining of the stomach causing issues throughout the body and setting up infections.  Is there a local health food shop near you who could put you in touch with a nutritionist as I suspect you may need to work on improving your gut health through diet and some supplements above all good probiotics to try to ease and remove your IBS symptoms and improve your immune system in general.  Try looking at blogs such as Deliciously Ella who suffered in her early 20s from repeated bladder infections as well as other illnesses and through her own research has massively improved her health.  You may need stool testing as well to check for parasites, heliocobater bacteria in the gut and food sensitivities such as gluten.  Also I'm uncertain as to whether your IBS manifests itself in constipation or diarrhoea but if the latter then cleanliness down below is vital as bacteria from the anus can easily work their way to the vagina and urethra setting up a round of infections.  Angela Kilmartin's bottle washing technique in her book will help with keep things clean after bowel movements, sex etc."


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Thanks Kate.
I am seeing a GP today so will ask if my urine sample can be sent to the lab.
I'm also going to ask if I can have a stool test .


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I have seen the doctor, had my urine tested again has have some white bits floating in it.
I have been told that I have eucrolites (spelling ) ?
When my urine goes to the lab nothing shows up !

Any info on what to do next please .

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If you have leukocytes in your urine those are white blood cells which are indicative of infection and inflammation. Unfortunately the lab is only culturing for around 18 hours (which is the standard culture time for both NHS and private testing) and I suspect the bacteria may be low growth which need longer to coax out.

You may want to think about getting a longer culture done. It will cost I'm afraid but the BHUK office can give you details of a lab who are doing this longer test as many are finding their NHS cultures returning negative results despite the fact they have infections. This lab is finding proven infections and will also provide you with the antibiotic sensitivities and resistances which you can then take to your GP for appropriate treatment. You will need to be off any antibiotics for 7 days before you do the test. If you don't want to do this then one tip is to provide a sample but leave it on a radiator to brew overnight so it encourages the critters to grow and then drop it into the surgery the following day for them to send off to the lab.

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