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Thanks for your reply Kate.. I will look into the Azo but if I'm right
it's only for short term use. I need something to take every day as I'm in such a bad way.

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I've been having instills for 20 months every 4 weeks. I find that the catheter does irritate my bladder sometimes for a few days afterwards and have had a little bleeding from time to time but it usually clears up after a day or two. I have been lucky to have no UTIs yet and the instills really help reduce the IC symptoms.

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Originally Posted by Blueangel
Hi chrysalis
Do you find it hurts to pee afterwards ?

No never, - not once have I ever felt pain after an instillation, except when my regular nurse wasn't there, and another nurse did it, and that resulted in an infection.

I still have them every 2 months and I believe they have helped significantly as I very rarely have any bladder pain anymore, and if I do it is usually because I have eaten things off my banned list

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