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Hi, I am a 40yr old male and just looking for some advice as I am becoming increasingly worried each day.

For the last 3 years I've had really noticeable blood in my urine, this has occurred on at least 8 separate occasions now. It's bright red and always more noticeable at the end of my flow where it seems to drip out like a nose bleed .

I have been tested for infections and also been seen by urologists but nothing has ever been found . I've had cameras scans , CT Scans and Ultrasounds but all results are clear, when having a kidney check they inject my body with a fluid to show my veins and also fill my body with water to make me need the toilet right after the exam, I find it extremely painful to pee after the exam and I get pain under the belly button which is really unbearable until I empty my bladder a few times.

In October last year I had another bout of blood in urine and really bad pain on the right side of my body . This time it was the result of a kidney stone this was found in a CT scan but this is the only time a stone has been found.
In January the stone came out. I was scheduled to have an operation to have this removed as at the time the urologists said the stone was in too long and my kidney was dilated slightly, however the stone passed naturally and no operation was needed. I have been fine since and no pain has been present since the stone removal.

Now 2 weeks ago I had a really bad fever and felt really unwell, then a few days later at the weekend I was travelling and desperately needed to go the toilet but had to hold in my pee for a little longer than I expected. When I eventually went I found it very painful under the belly button again and hardly any urine passed through. It took ages for me to empty my bladder. 2 days later, surprise, surprise I had blood in my urine again!!

I called my GP and provided a very bloody sample. The GP tested for infection but none has been found. They have given me tablets to take for infection but that now seem pointless if no infection is present.

For the last 9 days I've had constant blood in my urine and I'm really worried the medical teams are missing something here. I have now just finished the course of antibiotics but blood is still present.

Can anyone advise on my symptoms and if this is normal?' All these scans and checks but I constantly get blood in my urine . I am really frightened this may be a prostrate or bladder problem that the doctors are somehow unable to find!?

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated .

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I'm not surprised that you're worried!  It sounds as though the urologists are not doing their job properly and maybe you need to seek a second opinion.  It appears that they are looking hard for infection but not looking for anything else.

I hope you manage to get some better treatment soon.

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Hello Marty1977

Welcome to our Forum and so sad to read your very concerning post.

Could I ask you to contact our advise line and if you become a member they will have so much more help available to you, and can advise you of Local support group in your Area.

In the meantime, have they taken your PSA for Prostate and have they suggested anything other than Infection?

I do know you will find support from our Office, we are only a small charity, but if you find the phone busy leave a contact and someone WILL get back to you.

Kind regards


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Hi Marty.

Oh dear, dear me!

I have no medical knowledge but my late Dad had a prostate problem as has my husband. Nothing untoward.

As the moderator suggested you need to have a PSA blood test.

Do keep posting as here there is so much support from the moderators.

I wish you well.

Good luck and keep posting to let us know how you are doing.


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