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Any suggestions for a good breakfast cereal to eat that won't irritate my OAB?

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Try oatbran. It is wheat and gluten free and available from most health food shops. It is not the same as porridge oats. I have mine each morning with almond milk, coconut oil and a little Xylitol to sweeten it. Some people like honey in theirs.


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Most grains generally can affect the body's immune system, even without one having to be Coeliac.

We tend to be conditioned to having cereals for a quick Western style breakfast -and told they are healthy and a good start to the day. That is actually wrong information and a a lot of cereals are empty, starchy calories with little nutrient value.

But sometimes one can rethink the standard breakfast and eat other foods that are far better and maybe put less pressure on the bladder, gut system etc.  In other cultures they eat normal food that we would eat other times of day - i.e. good broths, soups, vegetable stews, eggs done in different ways, cold meats, fish etc.  Grains are also solid starch and will feed bugs and candida etc.  It may be worth a try to change to some things on say one or two days a week and see how it goes.

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I have porridge made with 1/2 milk 1/2 water, and a small bit of blueberry jam I get from M&S which has only (blueberries, sugar, pectin) as the ingredients.

Or weetabix and milk. 

I avoid other cereals mostly because I noticed the added vitamins in them make my pee BRIGHT yellow! So I am skeptical about their harmlessness to my bladder (they say B6 is a potential irritant in supplement form along with vit C). 

Icy, I do agree that our modern diets are far too grain-heavy and that breakfast has a whole different meaning in other places in the world. I would love to maybe try some things like fish or eggs for breakfast, but I couldn't eat broth or soup or veggies first thing in the morning.
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