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What a right bunch of bullies our gps can be.
I refused to have a cystoscopy done and GP said to me you should have this done.I replied I'd had a ct scan done and two ultra sounds of urinary system done as he knew and nothing negative found.I said the attacks of spotting seemed to be whenever I'd eaten or drank something that my bladder got inflamed by as I'd also had 3 specimens checked ,one privately,all clear ,there was nothing to suggest anything invasive would be of any help.
He then said yes but it's protocol we do this procedure,I disagreed again and said why can't I just be referred to urologist then to have some discussions and advice you surely can't just send me straight to theatre to wherever to have this procedure without explaining the whys and where's and risks of it.He said they wouldn't do that and I'd talk to urologist first,so I reluctantly agreed I'd go ahead and see someone.
I then get a call today offering me an appointment next week I said thank you she said that's you all booked then you'll have your scan first then straight to your cystoscopy,I nearly had kittens.I said no sorry but doc has agreed I can speak to urologist first before they do any procedures,no that's incorrect that's what your down for,I replied No I'm having nothing invasive till I speak to the urologist,then your doc has filled forms out incorrectly she said so you'd better phone them and tell them and I'm going to phone them myself also.
All this doesent do a lot for my confidence in any of them so I've decided now I'm not being bullied into anything I'm not comfortable with,really I should do screen shots of all the horror stories on here from people who have had all these invasive procedures done and are now in a worse situation because of them.Im not seeing many people who've said my god my cystoscopy saved my life in fact I'm seeing the complete opposite I've never seen so much negativity about a procedure in my life.I should screen shot and print them all off and give them a reality check of how they are devastating people's lives.
I've decided to go down the alternative meds route I've had 4 lots of antibiotics pushed on me which I've had such bad reactions with ,worse than the original problem,and bearing in mind no eveidrnce of infections or bacteria so how the heck do they even know what they're treating me for.
I've had enough of this bullying now and thanks to some excellent advice given by my fellow forum members I've been able to come up with a much better action plan,I've never read or absorbed so much info in my life so thank you for sharing your stories on the forum or I would have been blindly jumping through hoops to try and get help for this naughty bladder.
I've refused any more antibiotics for now and managed to get things under control again in a couple of days by using tips and experiences I've read on here and elsewhere,bottle washing is just fab apart from the fact it's so cleansing it's also so soothing and I've only been doing it a couple of days so no more toilet tissue at all for me this will be a lifetime change same with diet,stop all the naughtiest I know my bladder doesent like,tried soya milk on my hols last week and the spotting and burning started again big mistake,ruined my hol too I couldn't do my planned trips out like that which meant neither could hubby which I felt guilty about.
So back I came and started all my research again between doc visits and now I'm in a happy place because I now feel I'm in control of things not strangers who have no idea what my naughty body is feeling like.
My bodies knackered but I have a very strong mind and good intellect so I will trust my own instincts on what's best for me and I would say anyone who's having any doubts about their treatment you do exactly the your instincts and arm yourself with info from places and experiences like this.
Rant over and thank you for reading if I have any success,which I will,I'll update.xx

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Yes, these doctors are infuriating!  It's as though their protocol is the most important thing - not trying to get to the cause of your suffering and finding out appropriate treatment.  These cystoscopies obviously cost quite a fair amount, and what do they reveal?  Mostly best part of nothing!  

I'm fortunate in that I've been treated by the Prof in London.  Took my last antibiotic in January - still okay so far.
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