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A little history: 

My name's Shona and i'm 24. I've been living with UTI's/Cystitis/General Annoyance since i can remember. My parents told me i have had it since i was able to talk and vocalise that there was something wrong!

I have had a camera inserted into my bladder, which revealed nothing, scans of my kidneys, which revealed nothing and countless treatments, both home remedies and medical.

I have avoided all the dietary no-no's and in recent years it has died off and not bothered me.

However, i am now in a remote/rural part of Australia with only access to the local community clinic. I have been experiencing symptoms of a UTI for around a week now. I visited the doctor a few days ago and he tested and then diagnosed me with an STI. He gave me medication for an STI, which i took, and initially it worked. However, the pain is back, albeit mildly.

My question therefore is this: with no access to a supermarket, and limited supplies (no cranberry juice, no herbs, no bicarb etc), can you recommend a remedy to relieve the symptoms and just to tide me over the weekend til i can visit the doctor again? If it helps at all i can throw together a short list of some "ingredients" i have access to.

Really really appreciated (i'm at the end of my tether with it now),
Sho x.

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iff you have burning symptoms can you not get some cystitis sachets from any where ,or even some bicarbonate of soda usually gets rid of the burning sensation.


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Dear Shona,
Man, this isnt good. Being stranded with nothing to use cannot be fun. Do you have any teatree oil? Or are you near any teatrees? What kind of foods have you been eating lately? Do you have any access to any type of herbs at all? Warm water is always something that my acupuncturist advises me to drink plenty of.
List of ingredients you have access to would be good...I'm out of ideas.
Isabel x

Full IC diagnosis. Currently in remission for over 3 years.
Intolerant to soy, gluten and potato. 
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