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I'm new to this forum, but was diagnosed with IC nearly 10 years ago.

Quick history... I had cystoscopy with hydrodistention, which gave me the diagnosis of IC, followed by three months of bladder installations. I was also on antibiotics for six months, and ended up being on pregabalin (for the pain) and vesicare (for the frequency) long term. I also control my diet, as I am very sensitive to high acid foods. That all calmed things down, but I was still getting flares, but mainly around my period. I was on the pill and started taking three pills back to back.

Four years ago I got pregnant, and luckily my IC totally disappeared whilst I was pregnant. Since then it is back, but milder. I still keep my diet low acid, take vesicare and take the pill three packs running. I am still prone to UTIs, so always have antibiotics with me, just in case. For the past three years it has all been quite manageable, and I've only had one bad flare.

So, my current issue... I saw my doctor this morning and they really want me to come off the combined pill and go to either a different method completely, or at least go to the mini pill.

I'm really nervous about this as I'm worried that the IC will start up again, like it used to be.

Does anyone have any experience of being on the mini pill with IC?


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Hello Eponine

I am sorry no one has responded yet. I have posted the links to a couple of threads which you might find useful below

Susannah Fraser

for Bladder Health UK

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Sorry can’t help with the mini pill as not allowed to take any form of the pill (interfers with my thyroid meds and makes me manically depressed!) I can only tell you about my own experiences.

I’ve recently spent 4.5 years on the contraceptive injection but know this is not always an option especially if you’re thinking of having children in the near future (it’s taken 8 months for period to return). The only reason I was on it was to stop my periods (due to muscle damage, allergies and adverse reactions other forms of contraception are unusable for me). The combination of heavy periods and IC was making me pass out each time I went to the loo. Currently seeing how it goes before deciding if I should go back on it again.

All I can say is try the mini pill, if symptoms get worse ask to go back on to your current pill x
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