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My five year old daughter diagnosed several months ago with an Overactive Bladder. She has never been dry day or night. At present she is on Vesicare (8 weeks in) after trying Oxytrol patches, both of these medications seem to have no effect. She is wet about 4 to 5 times a day. Recently referred to a physio and she has started some pelvic excercises. Is there anything else we can do??

Also be interested to chat to others suffering to see how they cope day to day?


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Hello Concerned_Mum1

Welcome to our Forum I would hope that someone with similar problems will post soon.

It it so sad to read of someone so young with these symptoms, it may help to tell us who actually diagnosed your daughters symptoms? has she been referred to any specialists?

Do contact our advice line number at the top of this page, we are a very small office, but if you leave your details someone very helpful will return your call.

Do consider becoming a member of COB, as you will then have so much more access to advice and information, not only will you be sent a joining pack,you can speak with our special young persons advisor, and they may also have some local contact for you.
also look at the COB website there is more advice in the OAB section on diet etc,.
Hope this may help in the short term.

Keep posting and asking questions, sadly as many of us understand, this is such a dreadful dis-ease to understand, as everyone has different symptoms, and reacts differently to medication. There is not a one fix to suit all.So do stay with us as we truly understand and listen to your concerns.

Kind regards


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Hi Kate (Moderater)

In reponse to your question our daughter was diagnosed by a Ped Urologist.  If I am to join the COB Foundation can you give me access to information/services in Australia??

Many Thanks.

Hayley Bowen

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Hello Hayley

My apologies for not checking that you are not UK based( My excuse Ha!!! I am away at my daughters, not on my usual computer, and only a quick check of Forum[wink]

Whilst we are UK based we do cover World wide, However I wonder if you have contacted these,( nearer to you)

ICSG Australia
PO Box 144 
Richmond VIC 3121 
Dr Katya Buc Stooke – Chairman

Interstitial Cystitis Support Group (This group may be inactive) 
Mercy Hospital for Women 
Clarendon Street East Melbourne, 
3002 Victoria 
Contact: Christine Murray


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