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Hi everyone

Thought I'd make a little post. I'm sure those who have read the latest summer edition article in bladder health UK magazine know who I am.

So yes I can completely say Chinese Herbs do work very well. I have come so far and since stopping the herbs (I think was march/april) I have not gone back to how I was, although it has not gone completely. I'm using western herbs to keep me ticking over until I can go back to Andrew on Sept 25th.

For me personally I believe I'm dealing with multiple issues and I think Andrew agrees now there is much more to this than meets the eye.

I am going to start the herbs again but this time we are going to hit it as if it was Lyme. I have not tested as they are mega expensive. I have done tons of research into Lyme and co-infections and it's very possible. The problem is we can certainly have the co infections without the borrelia, there are many other ways of contracting Lyme other than a tick bite.

I currently have a friend who is a microbiologist with access to some very expensive equipment and certain intracellular bacteria and parasites have been found. So yep I'm also taking a range of herbs to knock out parasites.

The Chinese certainly understand that many conditions can be like peeling an onion, there are many layers so you have to treat accordingly. I have been seeing a local Chinese lady who has practiced for years and get lots of info from her as well as some bizarre treatments, ie. Yoni. Vaginal steaming with herbs!!!

There is hope, Chinese herbal medicine does work but you have to be patient as you uncover the layers and treat.

If anyone wants to chat please feel free to pm me

Kelly xx

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Thank you for your post. I tried the herbs and couldn't drink them as they tasted so foul! They were put into tablet form for me, but I had severe abdominal pain when I took them.  Do you think I should persevere? I can't take antibiotics any more as the side effects were too dreadful. I'm obviously very sensitive to all this stuff. I really do feel very desperate as I don't think I can tolerate very much. Andrew was a bit dismissive when I contacted him.  Should I start them again or contact him? Many thanks

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Hi Brevis

It might be worth picking up with me privately so we can chat in more detail. I will pm you now.

I think I can explain a bit more about Andrew


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Hi Kelly

I have been seeing a Chinese acupuncturist for about two months now and they have been giving me herbal teas to drink every day as well as the acupuncture once a week. I do feel better than I did at the start but I am far from being free from symptoms yet. Can I ask who Andrew is whereabouts he is ? I am based in the North East.



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Im expermenting with Quercentine  at the moment, after i tried a chinese inspired therapy for a few months which turned out to be not that useful. It helped with some issues, but did not helped me with stress etc. Thats why im trying this supplement now, and hope that it will work.


  • Potent antioxidant
  • Supports healthy stress levels
  • Supports healthy circulatory system>


Quercetin (or Quercitin) is a flavanoid found in many foods and vegetables with potent antioxidant properties. Polyphenol with multiple benefits including reducing histamine-mediated inflammatory response, protecting healthy heart function, supporting healthy blood pressure, supporting healthy cortisol production (stress relief), and has even been studied for its effects against cancer cells in the lab. Serving size of Quercetin is recommended at between 800-2000mg daily. Side effects are uncommon and can include headaches and tingling in arms and legs at high doses.
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Hello lanternboy
Welcome to our Forum
I hope you will find much to assist you, thank you for posting re quercitin ( I removed the purchasing link, as this is a bit of a grey area) but have posted the information in full for you.

Kind regards

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