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Hi, just found some research published on the net on the effects of citric acid and ascorbic acid on the bladder detrusor muscles (on rats tho, not humans, but still...). 

Backs up what I have been finding out by trial and error.

What it doesn't mention is that both acids are usually an ingredient in shop bought bread.  I get symptoms around 20 minutes after eating bread containing either ingredient, worse with citric acid.  Home baked bread seems fine for me though.   Citric acid is in all sorts of things, and by being selective with what ingredients/products I buy, I am definitely improving, and have broadened my diet - even found biscuits I can eat, hooray!

Anyone know of any other ingredients to avoid?

Best wishes to everyone


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Hi.  I find I can't eat anything with black or white pepper in.  It is easily avoided at home but it does make it difficult when you eat out.  I don't eat ready prepared food and make everything fresh myself.  I am careful when I go out and only stick to places where I know I haven't had a problem before.

It is interesting what you say because I usually find I have a flare up around christmas and I think it is probably eating shop bought mince pies!

GailK xx


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Hi has a good section on a good IC diet.

Spelt flour is good to cook with, but it still has gluten in it, so if you are gluten intolerant this isn't appropriate.

I eat a lot of rice crackers - organic. All processed foods are bad for IC sufferers as they contain lots of chemicals and sugar - all awful for the bladder.

I definitely see a link between diet and bladder pain. I became lazy for about a month, started eating some normal bread again and guess what my bladder pain got worse.

Hope this helps.


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thanks for the replies!
RachelAnne, I avoid rice.  I was very surprised to find rice and couscous makes my bladder really painful, until I read that they are both highly acidic foods.  I don't know if rice crackers are acidic or not, I'd love to know.  Finding something to snack on is so tricky.  At the mo I often snack on raisins and seeds, but they don't really hit the spot!  I will look out for spelt flour.  Just discovered Polenta is delicious too...
GailK cheers for the tip on pepper.  Stay off those mince pies!!
Do you find salt ok?  I know we are all different, but I don't think salt makes any difference to me as long as I drink plenty.  I avoid salt mostly, but when I do eat something salted, it seems fine.


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I dont have any problems with salt.  I also find that I can eat a lot of the problem foods on the IC diet.  My biggest triggers are liquids, carbonated drinks, tea coffee, fruit juices and I dont drink alcohol.  Stick mainly to water and 1or2 cups of rooibus tea a day.

Food is only a problem when I am already in a flare.  Then I have to be a bit more careful to not make things worse.

Gail xx


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Does anyone know an alternative to mince pies for IC sufferers, or, can we eat mince pies? your response would be grateful.

Peter Thornton

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Hi Peter,

That's a really tricky one.  Sadly that whole fruity, spicy Christmas flavour is a bit of a problem (both in terms of the fruit and the spices).  Are you thinking in terms of something you could make, or what to have if you're out at a party?

If you're planning to bake, how about tarts with some chopped up pears poached with vanilla, cardamom and maybe a little nutmeg if you can tolerate it?  Maybe some flaked almonds on top.  Served with cream, I reckon those might allay some of the Christmas cravings?

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I am planning to try some gluten free mince pies this year, as I don't think I could eat any last year, when my symptoms were bad. 
You can get shop-bought GF mince pies, but I'm sure they won't be ok for everyone, especially if your bladder is very sensitive. 
Homemade ones are lovely and you can choose what to put in your mincemeat mix, obviously avoiding anything you know is bad (for me: oranges, peppery spices etc). Raisins are alkaline (so supposedly bladder friendly), you could try raisins, suet and almonds soaked in a little brandy as a basic mincemeat. 
Sandra's recipe sounds good too!
Have a lovely christmas.


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Hi guys,

I have issues with soya and gluten and potatoes mainly. Soya causes massive flares for me and its in so many things (things you wouldn't expect like chewing gum, and also in alot of gluten free foods - they also use potato flour too aggghh).

I've been trying really hard to find substitutes for lots of foods that I can't eat and recently I have decided it would be great to make some mince pies (or perhaps one giant one). Elana Amsterdam has an almond flour recipe for pastry on her website and I have also read that its possible to make your own suet free mince which I'm going to try my hand at, I think its a Nigella Lawson recipe. Hopefully there will be bladder friendly mince pies on my table this year, even if I can't have any christmas pudding. I will let you know how it turns out

I'd say try to be careful with suet if your gluten-free because they tend to roll it in wheat flour to stop it sticking together.

little_ducks xx

Full IC diagnosis. Currently in remission for over 3 years.
Intolerant to soy, gluten and potato. 

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Can anyone suggest anything to take, I have tried drinking plenty of water and taking Gaviscon.


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Hello Jemima
Welcome to the Forum, a place where you can share your experiences.

Do tell us a little bit more of your symptoms. Have you been to your Doctor?Also, What in particular guided you to try Gaviscon? What type of Water are you drinking?

As you are already discovering,there are so many things to aggravate our problems and found some more help and advice from others experiences.

Many of us find that anything Acidic will cause a lot of irritation, do also take a look through  other postings in this diet section of the Forum.

I would urge you to become a member

You will receive so much extra support and information to help you.

They will send you a wonderful information pack which you can also share with your friends and family, to help them understand.

I do hope we can assist you,so please continue to post and ask as many questions you feel we may be able to help.


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