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Welcome to the COB Foundation Forums.


The forums are provided by Cystitis and Overactive Bladder Foundation (COB) and is intended as a place for those with Interstitial Cystitis, Painful Bladder Syndrome, Bladder Pain Syndrome, Irritable Bladder, Overactive Bladder and Bacterial Cystitis as a place to gather for a positve exchange.


No Advertising is permitted. All advertisers must contact


The following is a list of frequently asked forum user questions.




How do I register so I can post a message?

To register you need to fill out a registration form, answer 3 questions marked with a red asterick *.  Create a username and password you will easily remember.  Your username will be seen by all forum users every time you post a message.  


It is not required to use your full name on the registration form. You can choose to keep your name and email address private from other members by clicking in the private box and removing the tick at the bottom of the registration page ‘ Allow members to send me email ‘


If you are ready to register click here


Once you have filled out the registration form click submit at the bottom of the page, it will then say Registration Complete click on word forums to return to the forums and you can begin posting messages.


Alternatively a registration button is located at the top left hand side of each page, click on the blue button register.




How do I post a new message?

Click on the button ‘New topic’ situated at the top of every page.  Fill out the ‘message subject title’.  Write your message in the white box, click ‘post message’ at the bottom of the page.


How do I reply to a message?

Go to the bottom of the message thread, you can choose between quick reply’  or reply this will bring up a reply box, fill in the box and click ‘post message’ .


Can I remove or edit a message I have posted?

To edit or delete your own message click on edit or delete situated on bottom right hand corner of your message. After editing click save’.


How do I quote another message when replying?

Click on the yellow pencil cartoon on the top right hand side of the message box, a new box will open, write your message underneath where the quoted topic brackets end and click post message


How do I receive emails enabling me to follow a message thread?

When writing a new message tick subscribe to thread’  When replying to a message click button thread tools‘  a drop down menu will give you the option to subscribe to thread . To continue to receive email updates you need to visit the thread each time an update is received.




How do I change my user name?

A user name cannot be changed in your profile. However you can delete your own account and create a new one. Go to your profile page which can be found by clicking on your name.  Click on delete right hand side.  If you have trouble deleting your profile either create a new one by reregistering under a different name or contact  


I have left my email address showing and don’t want others to see it…

Open your profile page by clicking on your name and then click on word Edit which can be found on right hand side..... click on change email then click in Private and submit. Your profile will be updated and your email address will be hidden.


I have written my full name in my profile and only want my first name to be shown....

Open your profile by clicking on your name , click on Edit you can choose by clicking in the private box to have your whole name private or you can omit your last name , click submit.




How do I retrieve a forgotten password/username?

On your log in page  click on word forgot password/ forgot username. If you have changed your email address since joining then you can reregister by creating a new forum name.


I still can’t retrieve my forum user name......

Please email with the email address you registered with, we will use forum search engine to try and locate it.


Do I need to log out every time I leave the board?

No, it is easier to stay logged in or click ‘remember me ‘on log in page.




What is the direct link to the board so I can bypass the website

Add to your favourites


COB Members only forum/chatroom

The online members only services can be accessed via a password, to receive your member's password contact office  with your name and address so membership can be confirmed.
Regular Members Chats are held in the COB chatroom, times and dates are found in WROH (COB Mag) and in the members only forum.  You do not need to register on the forums to use the chatroom. 
For further details of how to become a COB member and also receive your quarterly 32 page newletter send your name and address to  

I have a question that isn’t above.

Please contact COB office


Happy Posting!


The COB Foundation



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Forum Etiquette.

No advertising allowed. Advertisers must contact COB Foundation.

1. Do not name your consultant/medical advisor on the forums due to legal reasons. An exchange of this type of information can be done via email.

2. Do not give out COB employees/volunteers personal details, local meeting dates or times.  If you need to contact COB directly email or call 0121 7020820

3. Be careful when exchanging your own personal contact details i.e. address/phone number, this is a public forum. You never know who you are talking to. 

4. Contact your doctor/pharmacist for all medical advice.  Treatment suitable for one person may not be suitable for another, therefore always use medication alongside professional medical advice.

5. Swearing even using asterisks is not permitted.

6. Refrain from using slang words that depict body parts or sexual acts as this may be considered foul language in other foreign countries, this type of language could result in forum / support being blocked to a sufferer who lives in another country.


7. In general a good way of accessing whether certain words can be used is if you would say the word to a 12 year old.  


8. Private use of smiley faces within messages is not permitted. The COB fourm provides use of smiley faces. A choice of faces can be found on the top right hand corner of your reply page.

9. Photographs/Pictures are not permitted in general on the board, as this can slow the board down for some users. The following photo thread can be used for posting photos in the General Topic Forum

10. When quoting from online websites indicate the website source. 

COB reserves the right to edit or replace all written material contained within the forums.

For questions or comments regarding the COB forums email or COB office 0121 7020820

Thankyou for using the forums , your input and support is appreciated. 

The COB Foundation


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This Forum is provided by Bladder Health UK and is intended as a place for Sufferers of Interstitial Cystitis, Bacterial Cystitis and Over Active Bladder, together with their family & friends to gather, online in a positive exchange.

BHUK is not a medical body & do not claim to have medical knowledge. It is not the intention of BHUK to provide specific medical advice, but to provide users with information to better understand their health & to manage their suffering.

Specific medical advice will not be provided & BHUK strongly advises that you consult your GP/Consultant/Urologist for professional advice.

We would hope that users of these forums will conduct themselves in a courteous and respectful manner. Any conduct not consistent with this standard will be deleted immediately and the poster may be restricted and/or terminated without warning.