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Hi there,

I am confuse and don't know whether I have cystitis or not.

Basically from Friday last week I had this pressure and pain and constant need to urinate, coupled with pain low down in the pelvis and urine leakage - not much, just drips but throughout the day.

Went to the docs on Monday and was told there was blood and white cells in urine. Was given trimethorpin for three days, the sample was not sent away. Now I went back to the docs today as it has not got better, it has subsided a little but still issues. Doctor said the initial doctor should have sent the sample off on Monday. Now I can't send a sample off as I have had the antibiotic so I have to now wait till Monday to send one off. She said that I shouldn't have any more antibiotics till they get the results of the urine culture until next Thursday... Problem with that is it hurts. What if it gets worse? Does this sound standard practice?

She did a vaginal exam to see if there was any pain gynaecologically but there isn't. I told her it felt related to the waterworks but she said my symptoms were vague!

I did take a sample, but she dipped it and said nothing in there but then that may be the due to the antibiotic or it could be a false positive?

She said she didn't think it was a UTI as it wasn't burning, but it is now burning lol.
Thanks appreciate your thoughts

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If your symptoms persist and you don't get any joy from GP with ABx...then there may be two Drs on this forum that can help you.  COB hold their info so give them a call for advice and their details.

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Welcome to our forums Fairypop! You will find a wealth of good information here and a really supportive on-line community!

You might also like to consider joining the COB Foundation as being a member will entitle you to receive our membership magazine three times a year which is packed with useful information on all forms of cystitis and overactive bladder. On joining you will also receive the Cystitis Handbook along with a number of other useful resources.

You can e-mail us at to request an application form, download one from our website at the following link or alternatively, you can call our advice line between 9.30am and 2.00pm daily to join over the phone.

Susannah Fraser

for Bladder Health UK
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