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Hello I would like to post here because of an issue I am having. I have had about 4 significant UTI infections in the past, and each time the urethral burning has continued after the bladder symptoms have gone. Further antibiotics make no difference, neither does D mannose or any other herbal supplement that I have tried.

The last infection I had over a year ago was really hard to treat and i had several different types of antibiotic including an IV one called Amikacin which I think is pretty strong. I followed this with courses of herbal medicines. The frequency and urgency finally went but I have been left with further problems. the Urologist suggested I may have IC when the infection symptoms didnt clear but now it isnt really my bladder bothering me , it is the urethra and vaginal opening.

Everything basically still feels  sore  - almost bruised and I often have burning urination. It is not unbearable pain or anything but it is always like that and it wasnt like that before the infection. I cant have comfortable sexual relations and I am always worrying that it will flare up to something full blown again.
I did get bad thrush after all the antibiotics which was much harder to treat than normal but after using grapefruit seed extract there I have no more itching or discharge or sores. But the soreness hasnt gone. I also get perineal pain  - and at times if I run it is really painful there with the jolting.

I havent had any clarity from the urologist why this persists or how to treat it and would love to know if anyone has had the same problem and found a solution.
Surely inflammation from the infection should have healed by now? I am wondering if it could still be candida related since it started after all the antibiotics but I did do a lot of local candida treatments although not internal ones.

many thanks, Merry

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Hi Merry

All my pain and discomfort is around the urethra and vaginal opening. It feels like I have been kicked very hard in that area, and that it is bruised and swollen.

I do not have a burning feeling when I urinate but afterwards the area stings. I have been told that if you do not drink enough water, this can make the urine hot, and burn the urethra.


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Hello, thank you for both the is very helpful to share experiences....
Lei what you said about the pessary makes me think again maybe the soreness is in some way candida related although I don't quite get how as I dont have the normal itching and discharge related to Thrush. But if definately did start after all the antibiotics . this may sound wierd but it's  hard to work out which part of me the soreness is actually coming from - urethra or vagina.
the thing is that I used a canasten pessary pescribed by the gyne and it gave me internal bleeding and  pain so I didnt complete the course.
I am now thinking to ask for some kind of anti yeast tablet as an experiment...I dont suppose it could do much harm trying.

I do find that if I am a bit dehydrated the burning is worse so drinking enough water is really important for me but I find that going to extremes with water drinking can also irritate so I have to drink it in moderation.

my other issue is that I am scared to have a cytoscopy which is the only way I can now go further with a urologist for diagnosis really. I am terrifed that it may trigger another infection and as the last one was so antibiotic resistant I am really fearing getting an infection and not having anything to treat it with.
does anyone know how likely it is to get an infection after a cytoscopy? 

many thanks again, Merry

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Dear All

Have you tried acupuncture for the pain.

I use Toni Tucker, a talented acupuncturists based in Maidenhead - I see her every week. She specialises in bladder problems and women's problems in general. You could ring her up to see if she thinks acupunture would help for each different pain you all have.

I was in alot of pain for about two years - the pain is so much better now and it has dramatically improved due to my herbalists regime, diet, and acupunture.

As we are all different, it is a case of trying things to see if they work, but acupunture for me really is helping my bladder problems.

Hope this helps.


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Hi I know what your going through I experienced similar symptoms. Do you get burning on the outside of your urethra and stabbing shooting pain? Alot of my symptoms have eased since being on Ami.
Take care Lény x


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Hello again, thank you you for the information. None of the doctors have mentioned Vulvodynia but i did google it and I dont know if it's what I have - my sensation is really soreness and burning urination but not burning nerve pain and usually not itching. 

 I dont think I will request a cytoscopy if I have to take antibiotics after...after my 4 courses of different antibiotics for the last infection i still had alot of urgency and frequency and I finally stopped them and took herbal medicines...that did finally settle down from either from one thing or the other but I had recurrent thrush, tonsilitis and ringworm all over my back for several months after.I am really sacred of taking more antibiotics that I will mess my health up more as I also have some digestive issues  so I am kind of keeping them for emergency. I also suspect although I may be wrong that even if they do diagnose me with something there wont be much they can do to help anyway .

But at the same time I would like to have an explanation of what is going on because normally if the infection goes the body should have healed itself by now. its a little hard having symptoms without any clear explanation of why. I understand that my condition is pretty mild compared to some peoples here but even so it does affect areas of my life (mainly sexual life).

The bleeding is a listed possible side effect of canasten pessaries although rare. At that stage as I had used the creams as well for several days I didnt go back to the doctor and instead used grapefruit seed extract together with virgin coconut oil which eventually cleared up the obvious infection .
But from reading your posts I'm thinking to go to the doctors and request yeast pills to try out as a next step in case there is some lingering infection in some part. 
many thanks, Merry

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I just wanted to ask one more thing - Lei have you ever after using the pessary or yeast tablet actually managed to clear these type of symptoms and feel normal again or does it reoccur?
Also RachelAnne thank you for the tip about acupuncuture. I am from the UK but live some of the year in India so I dont have access to an acupuncturist right now. my husband knows of one good naturopathy hospital here so we are planning to consult them too in case they can help so i will post if I do get any good result..

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Hello Lei - thank you for letting me know all of that - it's really helpful - my husband is a very understanding person - even so I think he sometimes thinks I'm being neurotic and for him to see that there are other people with the same issues is good for him too....I really hope you can get the infection under control soon....ayurvedic medicines seemed to really help my last infection when the antibiotics weren't kicking it so I will make a post about that on the BC forum when I get time...
I 'll post here again if I get any good result from anything for the soreness and if anyone else can shed any more light on the reason for these post infection symptoms i'd love to hear it!!

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Finally people like me. 

I'm new to this site and can't tell you the reflief I have after reading
this post.

Mine started with a difficult infection.  I feel like I've been damaged by the antibotics.  My urethra feels like a golf ball sometimes.  I had 6 months treatment with pessary's but started to bleed.  The buring was unbearable. 
Have you tried lactacyd or aqueous cream?   Both these can help me sometimes
Do any of you have allergies?  My urologist is referring me to an immunologist because of a recent aquired milk allergy.  He's convinced theres something else going on.

Chronic IC - Diagnosed Dec 2009 via cystoscopy
Pelvic Floor prolapse with Cystocele,Rectocele,Sigmoidocele, Enterocele - diagnosed 2009
Gastritis and Relux - diagnosed March 2009
Milk allergy - diagnosed March 2010
Ibruprofen allergy - diagnosed June 2011
Hypothyroidism - diadnosed 2002
Reactive hypoglycemia - summer 2010
Vit d deficient- summer 2011
Elhers Danlos Type 111 - diagnosed Oct 2011
Vestibular dysfunction - Diagnosed Dec 2011
I will never see myself as the above. They
don't own me. I own them.
My 4years of hell are nearly over and I'm up and living again. No thanks to Antibotics .

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My symptoms are exactly like yours and started after many rounds of antibiotics. I am interested to that everyone is making the candida connection, I tried two weeks of itraconazole to kill any yeast that was there, my Husband calls it my 'miracle Period'! For 2 weeks I had no symptoms and it was bliss. Unfortunately as soon as I stopped taking them it just started again and the doctor would not give me the itraconazole again as it is too strong for the liver to take over a long period. I have been following the candida diet since but still no improvement so I have just yesterday started on another week of itraconazole so I`m hoping that will help. I had not thought about trying the pessaries, thats a great idea.

In my opinion cystoscopy and stretch is a barbaric thing to do to someone, it took me months to get back to the point I was at before I had it done and it really hasnt made any difference to my treatment. OK, I was diagnosed with IC because of it but I think as you have all the same symptoms and have made the antibiotic and yeast connection you should save yourself the pain!
It may even be worth showing your Urologist this string of posts to explain why you would like to be treated without a cystoscopy.

I have lots of pain in my vagina and perineum and have seen a bowel consultant and a gynea to check everything is ok in both areas and everything is fine. I think I`ll give the pessaries a go to see if it calms the vaginal pain. I`ll let you know how I get on with the itraconazole.

Best wishes,


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Hi merry,
My symptoms are the same . I took antibiotics for a tooth abcess then I was treated for a UTI. After that I had breast implants and went on another course if amoxiclav . Relatively , I developed thrush however for some reason I am not disposed to the itching only the burning and the discharge .sometimes u only have the burning and the thrush can make u dry rather than a change in amount of discharge.
I then used a pessarie and to my shock it gave me bleeding. Mid cycle. I was scared and my doctor told me no way can this be due to the pessarie. I have never had bleeding irregular before. I am 100 percent the pessarie caused me to bleed a few hours after use.
Few months later I have no bladder infection , however I constantly have slight burning on the upper wall of my vagina, I too can't tell wether it's bladder or vagina. I believe it's a yeast infection. It's easy to tell , check your discharge i know it sounds gross but u can't see if it's normal on tissue or on underwear if it's dry. If it's watery with bits or White Like cottage cheese. Tell your doctor he may give u the tablet as the pessarie made u bleed xxx

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Hi Merry,

I've had sensitivity and even skinning and soreness around my vulva, over my urethra and even inside my vagina. For an 18mth period it was so bad I couldn't wear trousers. I now have it more under control by the following:-

Keeping well hydrated. Still mineral water only, I use Evian.

Cut out all sugary foods and drinks.

Limit yeast containing food, like breads.

Washing only in the shower with E45 Wash. No hot baths.

Using E45 cream daily around the perineum and vulva twice a day.

Peeing before and STRAIGHT after sex, sitting in a bidet of the coolest water you can tolerate after sex for 5 mins. I have found this really eases any inflammation of the tissues, and does seem to prevent a lot of pain post sex.

Lastly I use extra E45 cream to make sure I'm very lubricated before sex.

It's not much fun I agree, but the alternative is just too horrible!

Helen Hulbert

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Hi Helen and thanks for the post. I am so pleased that you have managed to calm your pain down slightly by the methods listed......I find that I have to sit in a cold bath after sex which helps me in a simular was to yours. Thanks for the info and please keep us posted. Kindest regards, Emma  one of the COB Forum Moderators

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Dear All,
I'm a new member and have experienced similar symptoms ie sensitive vulva and cystitis without an infection. Like some others I took antibiotics for a tooth infection followed by amoxiclav for a UTI before the onset of IC.  It cannot be a co-incidence that so many similar symptoms started after taking antibiotics. I will try some of the suggested remedies and just hope things improve. If I find any answers I'll pass them on as I have found this a helpful site.
Yours in appreciation

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Hello Veronica
Welcome to our Forum.
We are always so pleased to find that we can be of help, to anyone suffering, with the many and varied symptoms .
Not only will you find that you are not alone and can usually find an answer that has been tried and tested by our long suffering members.
We also have an excellent Website with loads of verified information, and by becoming a member you will realise even more, how we can help.

You will receive so much extra support and information to help you.

They will send you a wonderful information pack which you can also share with your friends and family, to help them understand.

As you have said.Do" keep posting your information " it will be valued.

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