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Hi all. I am new to this forum but am really hoping there is someone out there who can give me some reassurance. Brief backstory is I am 26, female, had a weak bladder for my whole life. I have had urodynamics and a cystoscopy in the last year and diagnosed with overactive bladder, with a very low capacity of about 100mls.

On Wednesday I had a Cystodistention, and possibly a biopsy although I wasn't told afterwards if they did this or not. Immediately after I was peeing almost constantly, which settled to about an hourly rate the next day. However, it is now Monday and I am still peeing very frequently, last night every 25mins, I still have too much discomfort to be able to drive or walk far and my anxiety is through the roof. I don't know if this is a normal reaction to this procedure, however I wasn't really warned of such side effects.

My anxiety is probably not helping and the doctor has prescribed me with diazepam to help me get through this whilst I'm really struggling, but I'm worried I have made a huge mistake having this procedure, and was really not prepared for this post operative hell. Please someone tell me this is not permanent, I am in emotional turmoil at the moment.


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Hello Lisa
Welcome to the Forum and pleased you are able to now post your topics. I hope you will find lots of support and understanding here on the Forum.

Could I aks you to please ring the Advice line at BHUK Number at top 0121 702 0820, they are so helpful and am sure will offer you some excellent advice, particularly if you become a Member of BHUK for a small fee, you will have so much access to info etc. We also have an incontinence Nurse on the same number on a WEDNESDAY, you may wish to also speak with her.

Personally, as far as I understand, retention. is more a problem after procedure, not the frequency you are experiencing.

Do speak with your own surgery and ask their further advice.

I hope and,am sure someone else with first hand knowledge will answer in a while, but do keep posting, any queries , we will always listen.

Kind regards


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Hi, just come across your post, when did you have your procedure done, i had a cystoscopy just over two weeks ago and i also am suffering frequency which i did not have before,
My anxiety is also through the roof and wish i had never had the cystoscopy done, i am also much worse after a bowel movement, how are you now any better.

H.M Whitworth

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Hi, it is now three weeks later and my bladder is (touch wood) returning to a semi normal state, but is still quite irritated in the mornings which I'm putting down to anxiety. My main problem is that I have had a bit of a breakdown which the doctor has said is a result of years of suppressed anxiety related to this problem and the perceived loss of control over the last few weeks has lifted the lid on it.

I would say have patience with your bladder, I was impatient and it made me more anxious and didn't help. Some people take longer than others to heal and my bladder is only now becoming less sensitive to pressure and pain. If you're still not happy go to the docs and check for infection.
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