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We know that you will all be aware that Dawn Baty has been away from the boards with some significant health problems over the past few months.


Although Dawn is feeling much better, she feels that the time is right to step down from moderating on our forums and focus on her health. We will be so sorry to lose her as Dawn has been a part of the COB Foundation for so many years now.


When COB, or the ICSG as it was known as then, was formed Dawn played a vital part as a volunteer co-ordinator providing help and advice to fellow sufferers who were very often at breaking point and she worked tirelessly to get the condition recognised and understood.


When the charity looked set to fold in 2005 Dawn was determined that this shouldn’t happen and put together a rescue package. She managed the daily running of the charity as well as taking on the role of Chairperson. Her own health meant that she had to step down after seven years but she has always remained committed to the organisation and its members. Her diligence and valuable advice on the message boards have helped the forum to become the biggest of its type in Europe.


The COB Foundation owe an enormous debt of gratitude to Dawn and she will remain a COB Life Member.


We shall all miss Dawn but she will still be popping in to our forums from time to time and will stay in touch with us in the office.

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