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Hi all. I am a patient of the prof and have recently started seeing an acupuncturist who has advised me to come off DH aloe Vera which I had been taking for about 3 weeks, as she says it can have an inflammatory effect. My symptoms have worsened since coming off and I don’t know if it’s to do with coming off but I wondered if anyone could help me with 2 things as I want to go back onto aloe Vera:

Have anyone’s symptoms worsened as a result of taking DH aloe Vera like the acupuncturist suggested?

Does anyone know if it’s not advisable to take aloe Vera with long term antibiotics (prof’s standard treatment), as the way the av works is to enhance the bladder’s gag layer, which shields bladder tissue from irritants in the urine. Could this also stop antibiotics reaching a biofilm infection?
Don’t want to email the prof with this! So wondered if anyone had any experience or thoughts.

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Hi Jane, I have also stopped taking DH Aloe Vera recently. I thought that it was helping me but I was having regular ‘flare ups’ of my symptoms, and read somewhere that the liquid Aloe V is preserved with citric acid, which can be a problem for inflamed bladders. I am now taking a high potency Aloe V tablet once a day and my symptoms have settled a little, although this could be pure coincidence, with this puzzling condition. Kind wishes, A
A Gent

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Thanks Adrianna that is really helpful.
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