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Hi Everyone

I have been told to lose weight as I am clinicily obese. 

The only problem is everyone doesn't understand what it is like having IC.  All they do is tell you to make sure that you eat at least 5 portions of fruit and veg a day.  Its been along time since I have eaten fruit.

I was hope that this room could give me some suggestions on what's safe to eat and do when you have IC.



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Hi Tracy
So sorry to read of your symptoms,it is never easy trying to lose weight and I hope someone will pop along soon,and offer you some advice from their own experiences.

As you are already discovering that there are so many things to aggravate our problems.
I would urge  you to become a member
You will receive so much extra support and information to help you.They will send you a wonderful information pack.
These are just  two  of the items among them that may help you.
Nutrition Helpline

Our specialist nutrition telephone helpline service, is an individual way of offering confidential help and support on the subjects of nutrition, diet, detection of trigger foods, plus advice on vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements.

The IC Friendly Recipe Book & Diet Sheet

The IC Friendly Cook Book was produced by the Charity, compiled from recipes tried and tested by sufferers of interstitial cystitis. It contains over 80 IC-friendly recipes and is issued free to members. This useful diet sheets shows the suggested good and bad foods to aid an IC diet.
.Just a thought,maybe you could try and reduce the size portion you eat,
maybe say if you usually have three potatoes, have just two.Sometimes if you actually stop and think about what you are eating,may give you the help to cut down.
Every little helps!!!!!
Good luck....and do let us know how you get along.


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Good luck with the weightloss Tracy, Kate has given some great advice, but as an extra thought have you asked if your GP will send you a dietician?  They are specially trained to help people with medical conditions and can offer you some specialist advice and regular support.  I have seen a dietician in the past and they were very friendly and non judgemental and very supportive.

Excerise can be a good weight loss tool, but as we all know it can upset our bladders is we aren't careful.  It might be better to start with a gentle excerise for 5 minutes a day and slowly build up, so your body is used to excerise and your bladder doesn't start to kick off.

Walking can be very benefical and a gentle way to start an excerise plan - perhaps a neighbour or a friend has a dog you can "borrow" to take with you - it can make a walk so much more enjoyable if you have company of the four legged kind - at least that's what my dog, Jazzie barks at me!!!

Lets us know how you get on, and if you need any more advice, support or just some one to talk things through with, then just post!! 

Diagnosed with IC and Fowlers Syndrome
Decision finally made - i'm having the Scaral Neuromodulation - have been told Stage 1 should happen sometime in Decemeber 2011..........

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Hi Tracy,

I think it's hard when you have IC, not to become completely obsessed about food.  And no, most people don't appreciate how difficult it is to avoid the things that upset our bladders.  I've been seeing a nutritionist lately, and here are a few of her suggestions about eating healthily on an IC diet -

Soup is good.  Easy to make at home - I usually do a batch at the weekend with whatever veg I have around, plus some lentils or tinned beans thrown in for protein.  Or if you want to buy ready-made, I've found Marks & Spencer do some tinned ones that are OK, as they don't put as many preservatives in as other companies.  Just avoid anything with tomatoes or lemon juice.

I often roast a batch of vegetables to have for lunches with some tinned fish or cold chicken.  Peppers upset my bladder, so I tend to avoid them and instead use butternut squash, courgettes and mushrooms.

I've been reducing the amount of sugar I eat, as apparently that's not good for inflammation.  But I've found I can make a perfectly passable rice 'pudding' without sugar, which I often have for breakfast.  You can make a big batch and freeze it.  Just boil the pudding rice in rice milk (or normal semi-skimmed if you prefer), then stir in plenty of flaked and ground almonds, and if you have them a vanilla pod and a little cardamom.  Rosewater is also good for flavouring, if you can get it.  Simmer for about 10 minutes to let the flavours mix, then take out the cardamom pods & vanilla.

I'm eating lots of nuts and seeds as snacks.  The safest nuts seem to be almonds, cashews and pinenuts, but I can also eat brazil nuts.  Seeds are good; I've been dry roasting some sunflower & pumpkin seeds in a frying pan, and adding just a tiny bit of salt.  I carry a little pot around for when I get peckish, as the protein in them is good at taking off sugar cravings.

Anyway, don't know whether any of these will be helpful.  Best of luck with the weight loss.  I think, from what the nutritionist has said, the key thing may be to eat healthy snacks every 3 to 4 hours, and to make sure each meal includes some protein (either meat, fish, beans/pulses, nuts or seeds).

Best wishes,

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Hi to all

Thanks for all of your suggestions.  It's been a great help.


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Well, this was quite helpful information for me. Thank you guys.

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I eat a diet rich in fruits & vegetables to main a healthy diet. This is addition to a daily health regiment that includes the use of supplements. These supplements contain various natural antibiotic properties and essential nutrients I may not be getting in my diet. If I continue to do this I'm sure I'll have a better quality of life as I get older.

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Diet and exercise are both necessary for the weight management.
If you take a good diet for the weight loss but do not follow a good exercise plan you can't lose your weight.
A good cardio workout plan along with raw veggies diet is more effective for the fat burning and weight loss.
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