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My elderly dad keeps on getting recurrent UTI's, he normally gets put on anti-biotics which clears up the infection (or appears to) but sometimes 2-3 weeks later he gets another one and has to be put on yet more anti-biotics and so it goes on. It's worth noting he also has a catheter due to a urine retention issue.

I was determined to find something that could not only treat UTI's, that is not an anti-biotic, but more importantly in his case as a preventative measure. I came across D-Mannose and did some research on it, it sounded good and so I bought some capsules.

Since he's been on it he has got an UTI but it keeps it well under control and his symptoms are virtually negligible compared to before. The problem is that now his urine smells very pungent/foul than before he took the D-Mannose. I believe this is because the e-coli bacteria is being flushed out of his system as it now can no longer remain in his bladder.

I wanted to ask has anyone else experienced this when taking D-Mannose? if so did you up the dose to flush out all the bacteria (he's currently on 1gram a day)? Or is there something I can give him that can combat the smell. Any help would be appreciated.



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Perhaps 1mg twice a day would be a appropriate dosage. Does he drink enough?  Poor thing.  I do not know if Hiprex would work for him, from the GP.  I suspect that he could also do with a probiotic and a urinalysis.  The antibiotic could be changed.  BTW, he may not have e-coli, or indeed he may have a few bacteria.  I am sure you could call Bladder Health to learn more.


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Different bacteria can affect the urine and produce different odours.  I would get another urine sample organised to check that another bacteria hasn't arisen.  

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